Front thigh stretch

Prevent injuries by stretching even after a light walk

Front thigh stretch

Source: Best Health Magazine, September 2010; Illustration by Kagan McCleod

With cooler temperatures in the evenings, going for a run or a power walk can be a refreshing way to end the day. But be sure to stretch your muscles afterwards, including the front of your thighs: the quadriceps. (This move will work your abs, too!) Grab a light set of dumb­bells to help you keep your balance for this stretch. (You can also do it without weights.)


Get on your knees with the tops of your feet touching the floor. With arms extended in front of you just below shoulder height, face your palms down and tighten your buttocks. Drop your chin slightly, then slowly lean back, using your thighs to move you through the motion. Inhale as you drop back, and feel the stretch in your quads. Don’t arch your spine. At your lowest point, keep your buttocks tight and bring yourself back to the starting position. Exhale as you come forward. Do four repetitions.

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