These Tips Will Fix Your Undereye Circles, And Maybe For Good

From skin concealers to fillers and injectables, find how how you can send your undereye circles (aka undereye bags) packing.

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Undereye fix – the quick solution

When darkness falls under the eyes, it’s concealer to the rescue!

Choose a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to give the appearance of a highlighted area, says Wendy Rorong, a Toronto-based makeup, hair and nail artist.

“I like applying it in an inverted-triangle shape as opposed to a half-circle under the eyes,” she says. “I use this trick to direct attention to a brighter spot on the face, like the cheeks. Tap [on] the concealer lightly with your ring finger or a damp beauty blender sponge and set it with a small amount of powder to make sure that it stays put.”

For maximum radiance, Rorong enlists the aid of a beauty sidekick in the form of a brightening pen with light-reflecting particles. To make the shadowed area under the eyes appear brighter, apply a few dots to the inner corners and line under the bags – not on the bags.

The wellness fix

More beauty rest, please! It’s easy to spot the results of not getting 40 winks, so just go to bed already. To maximize shut-eye, accessorize your nighttime look with SilcSkin Eye Pads, $35 at The reusable adhesives, made of 100 percent medical-grade silicone, increase blood flow and moisture to renew the skin around your eyes while you snooze.

The semi permanent solution for your undereye bags

“Dark circles seem to be the hardest thing for people to tackle on their own,” says Dr. Julia Carroll, a dermatologist and founder of Compass Dermatology in Toronto. She sites genetics, ethnic background and lack of sleep as causes.

“Sometimes it’s loss of volume, sometimes it’s pigmentation and sometimes it’s just that the skin has thinned out and you can see the blood vessels under the eye, which happens with age. Usually, it’s a combination of all three.”

Her go-to solution is to administer a blend of injectables in and around the eye area.

“It’s a standard filler, so you get immediate improvement by filling the area, and it also has a complex of vitamins and amino acids that will improve the texture and quality of your skin over time.” Performing this procedure using a single, tiny entry point allows for minimal discomfort. Results are visible for about a year.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada