Fitness: Why Piloxing is the hottest new workout trend

Piloxing is a fusion workout that promises big results. Here’s what to know.


Meet my newest fitness obsession: Piloxing. Never heard of it? Here’s what to know: Piloxing is a fun fusion of Pilates, boxing and dance created by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen in the U.S. Recently, classes have begun to pop up in select Canadian cities, as more and more instructors are becoming certified. Finally! I’d been wanting to try it for months now (I previously wrote about Piloxing in the article, ‘The 10 sexiest workouts’).

Armed with water, a yoga mat, and two of my best girlfriends, I gave it a go this past week’and I loved it! The class I went to was led by Jessica Sayde, a fit, pint-sized ball of energy who also teaches hip hop at Street Dance Academy in Toronto. The class was an incredible workout packed into one hour (about 45 minutes of interval training, followed by 15 minutes of mat work) and you’ll sweat through every minute. While Piloxing is definitely a total-body workout, core strength is a major component since you’re using your abdominals to power your punches.

Next week I’m going to try wearing the half-pound weighted Piloxing gloves during the class-let the toning begin!

What to try a Piloxing class? Check out to find more Canadian locations.

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