Fitness-friendly women’s underwear

High-tech fabrics are taking the performance of everyday undergarments to the next level. Here are some essential intimates for the fitness-lover

Fitness-friendly women's underwear

Source: Best Health magazine, November/December 2013; Image: Thinkstock (top); Tracy Shumate (bottom)

Real talk: On some days, the thin cotton gusset on most panties just doesn’t cut it. Be it a light leak post-childbirth (or post-laughing-too-hard), overflow from a heavy period or just natural fluid and sweat, most of us could benefit from better undies sometimes. Two new labels, both created by women, are stepping up.

Delicates from Canadian brand Knixwear feature a super-absorbent gusset that seals away moisture, yet is only two millimetres thick. The antimicrobial silver fibres eliminate odour.

The gusset in Dear Kate is a patent-pending microfibre polyester treated to give it the ability to absorb up to three teaspoons (15 mL) of fluid and resist staining. (The U.S.-based founder has a background in chemical engineering.)

This performance, together with style and comfort, round out the lin­gerie trifecta: Both collections offer plenty of flattering cuts and colours, in lacy and seamless options.

1. Knixy stretch lace thong ($30) and 2. Knix bikini ($32); both Knixwear. 3. Leading Lady thong ($30) and 4. Ms Moxie Hipster ($36); both Dear Kate.

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