“I Fit An Hour Of Cardio In Each Day.”

A busy journalist and mom, Marci Ien is committed to doing cardio five days a week. If you think you’re busy, you’ll want to steal her strategy.

Marci Ien and fitness

Marci Ien finds time to do an hour of cardio five days a week

You know her bright smile and targeted questions from TV. Her face is instantly recognizable, as she is broadcast journalist, who was the host of Canada AM and is now on The Social. But what you don’t see is how crazy fit she is. In fact she logs an hour a day of cardio, within her busy work schedule while raising two children. She recently decided on this health goal to be her #BHmoment. And this is how she did it.

Why cardio for her #BHmoment?

“My goal was to incorporate a solid hour of cardio into my weekdays,” says Ien. “I wanted the energy boost that exercise provides and also wanted to be stronger and more fit.”

Ien’s cardio strategy

“I started my personal program this past June,” she says. “Instead of driving to the subway each morning and parking my car there – I walked the two kilometres. On rainy days I did a walk/run combination on my treadmill at home before work. The weather continues to be great, so I’ve continued my routine. I’m sneaking in four kilometres of walking per day. I’m walking at a pretty good clip, too.”

Fitting it in is all about fitting it in

With a busy schedule that includes prepping for and co-hosting a daily talk show, two kids aged 13 and six, and various speaking engagements and charitable initiatives, it was hard to make time for exercise – to make time for me. But this works.”

Her friendly advice

“I tell my friends – all of whom are insanely busy – that taking time each day, even if you don’t have much of it, to devote to yourself is paramount. Nothing matters if we don’t have our health.”