What Men Should Eat for Better Fertility

What your partner eats affects fertility, too. Here’s what to stock up on (and what to avoid)

dad and baby - fertility boosting foods for menphoto credit: shutterstock

The attitude about the role of sperm and infertility used to be: sperm quality makes no difference. But numerous studies are showing strong connections between food, sperm and infertility. For example, a 2013 study from the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that carotenoids (pigments in plant-based foods that act as antioxidants) may positively impact semen quality. Here’s a list of fertility-boosting food for men and a few foods that he should avoid.

Eat Walnuts

About 1/2 cup (60 g) per day improves sperm motility and strength, notes a 2012 University of California study.

Drink coffee

“For men, drinking coffee increases sperm motility, a key factor in successful insemination,” notes Bentov. “If a man’s sperm isn’t moving fast, we ask him to drink coffee before sex.”

Limit soy

In a 2008 Harvard School of Public Health study, higher levels of soy intake were linked to a lower sperm concentration.

Avoid saturated fats

Don’t eat saturated fat found in butter, poultry skin and fatty cuts of meat. A 2012 Danish study found that eating high amounts of saturated fats lowered sperm count.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada