Ex Nihilo: The Hottest New Fragrance House

Ex Nihlo, the hottest fragrance house out of Paris’s left bank, has made it’s way stateside. Here’s why you’ll love it.


Unisex Scents We Love

The hottest fragrance house out of Paris’s left bank isn’t an old-guard, centuries-old maison but an edgy new custom fragrance bar that has just made its way stateside. Created by three young fragrance enthusiasts, Ex Nihilo is a collection of beautiful unisex scents created from raw materials, crafted by a diverse group of renowned perfumers, bottled in art deco-inspired flacons and packaged in reusable foam boxes (inspired by the auto industry) for safekeeping and travel.

Each scent can be bought as is or instantly customized with additional notes, such as rose de mai, sandalwood and orange flower, using the fragrance house’s exclusive Osmologue machine, which blends the juices on-site.  

One of our favourites is the intoxicating Fleur Narcotique ($295 per 50 ml at sephora.ca ), a blend of peony, peach, lychee and orange blossom that was nominated for Indie Fragrance of the Year at this year’s international Fragrance Foundation Awards.