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  Here are some events happening over the next few days that may inspire you to plant a tree, rethink



Here are some events happening over the next few days that may inspire you to plant a tree, rethink your wardrobe and learn about rare diseases.

Plant a tree

Across Ontario, Feb 24, Mar. 1, 2 and 3

Trees are good for the environment ‘ no confusion there. But are you doing your part? If you’re planning on planting trees on your property this spring, you might want to check out the free tree planting workshops from Trees Ontario. You’ll learn tree planting techniques, how you can reduce your environmental footprint, and how you can take advantage of programs such as the 50 Million Tree Program and the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program.’ To register, go to Trees Ontario.

Rethink your wardrobe

Calgary, Feb 26

I love makeover reality shows. But I would never, ever go on one (although, I secretly wish someone would nominate me so I get a whole new closet-ful of free clothes!). But instead of announcing to all of Canada your fashion faux-pas, A Stylish Approach allows you to sit back, enjoy some wine, watch a fashion show, and get tips from Helen MacGillivray of Miss Helen’s Image Consulting and makeup artist Mita B Pro. Presentation topics include ‘Power of Image & Personal Style Development,’ and ‘Body Analysis & Colour Analysis.’ Plus, you’ll learn the best brands for you and where to find them. The registration fee is $175, but that includes a gift bag, too. Be sure to bring a piece of clothing that can be donated to the Walk in Closet program. Go to A Stylish Approach to register.

Learn about rare diseases

Across Canada, Feb 28

Did you know that there was a Rare Disease Day? I didn’t, but in wanting to hear more about it, I discovered that it’s actually in its fourth year this year. The day is meant to encourage people to talk about rare diseases, such as Phenylketonuria and others, the challenges faced by those afflicted, and medical research. Here is more info for Rare Disease Day in Canada.

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