Events: What to do this week (June 9 – June 15)

Why not check out a healthy photo exhibit, learn about breast milk and raise money to keep girls active? And


Why not check out a healthy photo exhibit, learn about breast milk and raise money to keep girls active? And for the men, pay attention to your health.

Be yourself and enjoy some art

June 10 to August 1


Being She is a photo exhibit put on by the Women’s College Hospital at the Gladestone Hotel this summer. The organizers describe it as the coming together of the arts and health care communities to celebrate women. Photos by artists, including Nina Levitt (her photo above), are meant to show empowerment, diversity, identity and embodiment of women.

Learn about breastfeeding

June 9 to 10

Ottawa It’s not as simple as it sounds. Professor at Rush Medical College and director for clinical research and lactation, Special Care Nursery, Paula Meier will be leading the sessions on June 9 discussing safe handling of breast milk, donor milk and lots more. The Annual Maternal Newborn Conference is organized by the Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program.

Raise money for active girls

June 15


It’s the first annual Night of the 9 Muses fundraising gala, which will raise money for Girls On The Run. The program offers character and running programs for little girls in the greater Toronto area. The evening promises to be elegant, with food, wine, music and entertainment, all around the theme of Greek Goddesses. For tickets and info, go to the Night of the 9 Muses website.

Pay attention to your health, guys

June 12 to 19

Across Canada

The week leading up to Father’s Day is Men’s Health Awareness Week. A recent Angus Reid Public Opinion poll, on behalf of Amgen and Pfizer Canada, found that Canadian men tend to wait until they have severe symptoms before checking in with a doctor. Father, son, grandfather, whatever, book yourself a checkup with your doctor today. Do you really need an excuse to take better care of yourself?

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