Event: Terry Fox Run celebrates 30 years of hope

Each year, thousands of Canadians tie up their laces for the Terry Fox Run and hit the pavement to support

Each year, thousands of Canadians tie up their laces for the Terry Fox Run and hit the pavement to support a single, united cause: finding a cure for cancer. This year’s Terry Fox Run is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 19 at some 900 different run sites across Canada. But what sets this year apart, specifically, is that it marks the 30th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope.

One of the most beloved Canadian icons of our time, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope in his early twenties in an effort to encourage Canadians to donate money to cancer research. Fox had lost part of his right leg to bone cancer only three years before his marathon began, but with the help of chemotheraphy and an artificial leg, he regained the ability to walk and eventually began training for his run. Fox began his run in Newfoundland and ran 40 kilometres a day before eventually stopping in Ontario. He was 143 days into his journey when his cancer returned, forcing him to stop. When Fox realized that he wouldn’t be able to complete his mission, he called upon the Canadians who had supported him along the way to continue in his place. He passed away at the age of 22. Since then, Canadians have gathered every year to take part in the non-competitive run and walk in his honour and continue his mission.

To mark this special anniversary, the Terry Fox foundation has paired with Adidas Canada to launch commemorative shoe laces (which can be purchased online for $5 a pair). One-hundred percent of the revenues from the laces will go to the Terry Fox Foundation. The foundation will also be holding an online auction of "Medallist Edition" replica shoes, signed by medal-winning Canadian olympians and paralympians, including Jon Montgomery and Clara Hughes.

In 2009, Canadians banded together to raise more than $20 million to support cancer research through Terry Fox events. Every dollar brings us one step closer to finding a cure for this devastating disease. If you’d like to donate to the Run this year, or find a run site near you, visit www.terryfox.org.

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