Entertainment: What to read, watch and listen to on the Canada Day long weekend

If you haven’t checked out the Made in Canada collection on iTunes yet, the Canada Day long weekend is the


If you haven’t checked out the Made in Canada collection on iTunes yet, the Canada Day long weekend is the perfect time to do it. If it’s rainy where you are (like it is in Toronto) curl up inside with a blanket at your cottage or apartment. If it’s sunny, get outside on the dock or at the beach (don’t forget to wear sunscreen). Whatever the weather, make sure you read, watch or listen to some great Canadian art to celebrate Canada Day.

These are my editor’s picks from the Made in Canada collection (I admit a slight bias with the last pick).

Movie: The Stories we Tell

Oscar-nominated (and quintessential Canadian) Sarah Polley explores her family history – with a focus on how stories change depending on who is telling them. The film is shot to look like a home video, making it all the more charming and authentic. The idea: Every family has a story, and every family member tells it differently.

Book: Dear Life by Alice Munro

Set in the countryside around Lake Huron, these short stories by Canadian author Alice Munro (Runaway, Too Much Happiness) are about the seemingly insignificant little moments in life that end up shaping who we become and where we end up.

Album: The Hurry and the Harm, City and Colour

There’s nothing like sentimental acoustic guitar for a summer day at the cottage. It helps that every track on Dallas Green’s latest album offers pleasant listening and creative lyrics. Cue up the iPod and speakers!

Magazine: Best Health for iPad

I’m so happy that Best Health is featured in iTunes’ Made in Canada collection as one of the top Canadian magazines. It also happens to be the perfect Canada Day weekend read since you’ll find everything you need to get beach-ready, along with yummy recipes for a Canada Day feast and new suncare options.

Check out the whole Made in Canada collection here – and don’t forget to download Best Health’s iPad app.

Have a happy, healthy Canada Day!

-Katharine Watts, associate web editor

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