3 Ways To Get More Lentils In Your Diet

Lentils are a great source of fibre, protein and iron. Try these ideas to incorporate them into meals

eat more lentils photo credit: shutterstock

1) Highlight Them

Let lentils shine in everything from grilled lentil cheeseburgers in grilling season to slow-cooker lamb with lentils in the colder months.

2) Hide Them

Your kids need never know you’ve enhanced their favourite dishes with fibre and nutritional benefits of lentils. Add a healthful boost to meatloaves, chilis, curries, soups, pasta sauces, salads and burritos.

3) Blend Them In

Lentils are the secret ingredient to augment baked goods and desserts. Blend them into batters and fillings for muffins and quick breads, cakes, pies, pancakes and waffles, granola bars, brownies, cookies and fruit crumbles.

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