This Is The Right Way To Use Dry Shampoo

Get the most out of dry shampoo by using it correctly. Follow our step-by-step dry shampoo how-to, and no one will never know about your post-workout hair.

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Our dry shampoo how-to

Here’s the situation: You just pounded out a sweaty session at SoulCycle and you have exactly 20 minutes to meet your bestie for lunch. You could opt for the showers, or you could pad dry and spritz on some dry shampoo. But if you want your hair to look polished – or at least like it was styled intentionally, check out our “dry shampoo how-to.” We got the best tricks of the hair trade from the official stylist for Batiste Dry Shampoo Canada, Nina Farrauto.

Step One: Plan of attack

Don’t just apply your dry shampoo wherever. Work in sections of hair and from a distance of your head. “Lift your hair in horizontal sections and spray the roots from 30 centimetres away,” says Farrauto. “Avoid spraying too close to the head, which concentrates the product and leaves white residue.”And having too much product on the scalp can actually work against you, causing your hair to feel greasy, even if it’s not.

Step Two: Work, baby, work

Now that you’ve given your body lots of exercise, give your fingertips a workout! Dry shampoo needs to be massaged in to your hair. Keep at it in until it disappears.You should not have any visible residue. You might be able to feel the dry shampoo in your hair, but you should not see it.

Step Three: It’s about to get bristly

Now that your fingers did some combing, it’s time to bring out the big guns and break out the brush. “Brushing removes the product and oil from the scalp, leaving your hair renewed and refreshed,” says Farrauto. If you have tight waves, curls or textured hair, skip the brush part and continue use your fingers to shake and distribute the dry shampoo.

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