Beauty Inside And Out: The Healthy Lifestyle Of The Dr Roebuck’s Twins

Kim Devin and Zoë Nicole Kelly aren’t interested in a superficial take on beauty. And they’re ready to help women get skin that’s beautiful and healthy.

Dr Roebucks twins Zoe and Kim

Dr Roebuck’s twins believe in beauty from the inside out

Kim Devin (right) is a reformed daily yogi, and she takes an approach to fitness that’s akin to compiling the best workout playlist: She shakes it up. She is one of the founders of skincare line Dr. Roebuck’s, along with her twin Zoë Nicole Kelly.

“I don’t think an excess of anything is good for you,” she Devin. “I train every day, but it’s not [the same] thing [every day]: I do yoga, I run, I take spin classes. For my body, it feels right to mix it up, and I’m very much about listening to your body. If you can make it a routine, then your body is going to respond well to that.”

How skin responds to what’s put in it – and on it – is the bedrock of the Devin’s and Kelly’s philosophy. No BPA, parabens or harsh fillers allowed. “We’re very much about making sure that people know our products are great,” says Devin. “But no matter what you do, your skin won’t althyal itself if you don’t try and work on your inside as well.”

A visit to the Dr Roebuck’s website features downloadable Dr Roebuck’s Skin Diets to help address concerns like eczema, oily skin and aging skin, and Devin practises what she preaches.

“I need to know where the food is from and that it’s not processed,” says Devin. “I’m not about ‘gluten-free’ or the ‘paleo diet.’ It’s about food that’s minimally refined so my body can process it. Our bodies are exposed to so many chemicals now – what we call ‘chemical overload’ – and all the food that’s processed has chemicals in it. If you minimize the chemicals you put in your body, you minimize the suppression you’re putting on your body and reduce your chances of getting sick.

“My whole thing is about prevention and minimizing overload in my body,” she says. “That includes an overload of fat and alcohol. I have a glass of wine, but not to excess. And I also drink organic wines.”

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Couple of questions with the Dr Roebuck’s Twins

What’s your best advice?

Kim Devin: “Pick your partner before your path. The partner – being my sister and the people we choose to do business with
– is really critical because it becomes your life and what you do every day. Life’s too short to work with assholes. Why would you put yourself in an environment where you’re working with people you don’t like and don’t trust?”

Zoë Nicole Kelly: “It takes 10 years’ minimum to actually be successful and see a real return, so it’s a long journey and you have to be committed for a long time or don’t bother.”

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

K.D.: “[It would be] about capital raising. I had to do it all myself, and if I knew at the beginning about that process, then I’d be more seasoned today. It’s not easy. My husband is a great support because he comes from retail and he’s done some deals. But generally, with terms and deals, rebates and margins, Zoë and I just work it out. We keep saying we’re in too deep now, so we have to work it out. Can’t walk away now!”

Z.N.K.:  “I know now that even when things seem tough, they always get better. You need to get through the hard times to learn the lessons that will make you successful later on.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada