Signs You’re Suffering From Disordered Eating

Certain behaviours may suggest that you have issues with food. Here's what to look for.

You may want to chat with someone if:

  • You are preoccupied with weight, food, dieting, calories and carbs to the point that eating and managing your weight become primary concerns over other activities.
  • You are overly focused on body image, size or a specific part of your body that you wish you could change. (Not sure whether or not you have a healthy body image? Take this quiz.)
  • You start to significantly limit food categories. You limit any foods that you consider aren’t good for you and only eat a small category of foods that you consider better.
  • You start to withdraw from social eating activities to avoid the temptation of eating something you deem “bad for you.”

You’re doing okay if:

  • You like to make healthy eating choices but know that it’s not realistic to achieve them all the time. Sometimes a girl needs a brownie (or two).
  • You have #bodygoals, but you don’t obsess over the number on the scale. Strong is sexy! (Try this full-body workout that solely uses a stability ball.)
  • You eat sweet potatoes and don’t punish yourself because, well, carbs.
  • Some days you love the way you look and some days you don’t. That’s natural, and everyone feels it. Body acceptance is ever evolving, and you grow with it.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada