4 Tips to Help Declutter Your Home Before The Holidays Hit

How to get your home in order before the festivities get started.

DeclutteringPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Whether your closet is bursting at the seams or your basement is more boxes than furniture, decluttering can be painless and productive with these steps from Camille Kowalewski, head of communications for eBay Canada.

Decluttering tip #1: Set a realistic goal

Aim to tackle three drawers or maybe just do as much as you can in an hour — whatever your objective, Kowalewski says that setting a goal will keep you motivated so you can follow through. Just be honest with yourself about what’s attainable. (Need some energy? These Banana Chocolate Quinoa Bars are worth a shot.)

Decluttering tip #2: Make it fun

Once you’ve set aside the time, “Put your phone away, put on some music and grab a glass of wine.” We typically think of cleaning as a chore, but if you make it an activity that’s fun, you won’t feel the need to procrastinate and you’ll be more productive.

Decluttering tip #3: Phone a friend

If you generally struggle to decide what should stay and what should go, have a friend over to tell you when it’s time to just let go of an old item. Or try a trick that Kowalewski uses: Put the things you struggle to part with in a box. Go through them again in three or four months and, if you haven’t missed them, it’s time for them to go.

Decluttering tip #4: Find new homes for old stuff

“Sometimes there’s sentimental value and sometimes there’s monetary value to things, but if you have a plan for your items, it’s easier to purge them,” says Kowalewski. Donate used items that someone could still get use out of, and offer sentimental items to friends or family members who might appreciate them.

For items that are in great condition or brand new (like that dress in the back of your closet that still has the tags on), sell it through an online platform like eBay. And while you’re in the cleaning mindset, don’t miss putting these 3 safe-for-the-environment natural cleaning products to the test.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada