David’s Tea Partners with Me to We on Clean Water Initiative

With water being an integral part of tea making, it’s a natural fit for David’s Tea and Me to We to partner on this clean water initiative

W16_MeToWe_TeaTinDavid's Tea x Me to We

Sitting down to enjoy your afternoon cup of tea, you probably take for granted where you get the water you’re using to brew your tea with. In Canada, we’re fortunate to be able to turn on the tap and have clean, healthy water flow out. Unfortunately, those living in other regions of the world aren’t so lucky. Recognizing the unique connection it has with the world’s water supply, David’s Tea has partnered with Me to We, a social enterprise that supports the work of charity partner Free the Children.

The David’s Tea Me to We collection will help to build wells in Kenya, giving access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation.

“As a tea company, the issue of clean water is close to our hearts and without water there would be no tea,” says David Segal, co-founder and brand ambassador of David’s Tea. “The other thing is that Kenya is one of the largest tea producing countries in the world. ”

Consumers can now find Me to We tea and tea-related accessories at davidstea.com, David’s Tea stores and metowe.com. Every purchase from the Me to We collection will contribute to giving clean water to a child in a developing community in Kenya. For example, “Every time you buy 50 grams of our Me to We tea you’re giving one month of clean drinking water to a child in Kenya,” says Segal. “We’re really empowering our customers to make an impact simply with one of their everyday purchases.”

Roxanne Joyal, CEO of Me to We, adds: “Clean water is a source of life and I can tell you that in some of the rivers in Kenya, the water looks like chocolate milk. We’re very lucky that through these incredible partnerships we’re able to make an impact.”

W16_MeToWe_FullKit_BlueDavid's Tea x Me to We

The full David’s Tea Me to We collection includes a co-branded travel mug (the brand’s bestselling model, according to Segal), a Me to We tea tin, and a Me to We tea with pineapple, hibiscus, figs and cranberries.

And, as part of Me to We’s “Track Your Impact” initiative, all products come with a bar code that can be used to track exactly where and how that purchase made an impact.