Your Go-To Guide For Buying The Most Comfortable Sports Bra

Your search for a comfortable sports bra is over! We have a checklist of what to look for when you go shopping next time.

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Your guide to finding a sports bra that doesn’t squeeze, chafe or pinch.

Finding a sports bra can be frustrating (we know), but it’s also the most important piece of gear in your fitness arsenals. But sometimes finding a comfortable sports bra is like searching for a unicorn. But, we promise, it does exist.

We checked in with fitness expert Liliana Mann, president of Linea Intima Lingerie, for her top tips on how to buy a comfortable sports bra that works as hard as you do.

Take pressure off your shoulders

Contrary to popular belief, the straps should not provide the majority of support. That’s the job of the band.

“Straps that have softness and some padding are more comfortable on your shoulders,” says Mann.

And they should definitely not dig in.

Find cups that are secure and separate

Find a bra that fits you properly, even if it’s a sports bra without an underwire,” says Mann. “It should be a compressive bra and hold the breasts tight, but it shouldn’t create a uniboob.”

Bras that push the breasts together will cause sweat to accumulate in the middle instead of being absorbed and expelled. “This can cause rashes and pimples in that area,” she says.

Look for a comfortable sports bra that provides some separation between the breasts.

Breathable fabrics are key

Since you’re pretty much guaranteed to be moving and sweating in a sports bra, soft, breathable fabrics are key. Having Coolmax in the fabric will remove perspiration and heat from your body and allow it to be expelled.

Microfibre is another option that dries out much faster.

Always go for the supportive band

When it comes to support, the band is one of the most important features. When you try on a new sports bra, give it a workout by jumping or squatting to see how you really feel in it, says Mann.

“The strongest support will come from the band, as well as the distance between the breasts,” she says.

Start on the loosest or middle hook so that you can tighten as needed.

And that, friends, is how you buy a comfortable sports bra.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada