What Is Cindy Crawford’s Secret For Not Aging?

Cindy Crawford never ages. Like not even a day. That’s why we just had to find out her workout and her beauty secrets and share them with you.

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Cindy Crawford’s secret is about work and fun

There’s little doubt that Cindy Crawford is the most successful model of all time. She’s one of the originals, she’s walked on countless runways, starred in hundreds of international ad campaigns and appeared in numerous movies and TV shows.

So how exactly does the highest paid model in history stay in shape?

Well, with a lot of work.

According to People, Crawford credits her age-defying figure and flawless skin to five main health habits: Jumping on a mini trampoline, pole dancing, dry brushing, a daily sunscreen and retinol combo, and regular hair masks.

Workouts should be fun!

After 30 years of modelling, you’d think Crawford would be used to hitting the gym, but she says working out has never come naturally. For her, it’s always been a struggle. Like most people, she says she never wakes up thinking, “Gee, I really want to work out today!”

While swimsuit ad campaigns used to motivate her to get her butt in the gym, she says it’s now all about feeling strong.

“Knowing that when my husband asks if I can help move the couch, I can do it. Just knowing I’m strong has a huge impact on my mental health.”

But Crawford doesn’t settle for just any ol’ workout. The mom-of-two regularly jumps on a tiny trampoline to get her heart rate up (she says pop music helps!) and hits S Factor pole-dancing classes when she’s in L.A.

Cindy Crawford’s secret is in her hair

When it comes to her beauty routine, Crawford doesn’t leave anything to chance. She takes care of her body and hair with the same attention she gives her face.

One underrated habit she swears by? Dry brushing. She regularly uses a body brush on her arms and legs before applying body oil. As Crawford says, “Why bother moisturizing if you don’t get off the dead skin first?”

Speaking of skin, the 51-year-old is also a huge believer in the dynamic duo of sunscreen and retinol. While it seems like it should no longer be a beauty tip and more along the lines of common sense, Crawford says she applies sunscreen “religiously” every morning and retinol [link to: ] every night. (The proof is in the pudding, people.)

Like any mega model, Crawford knows not to neglect her hair. She regularly repairs her strands with a deep-conditioning hair masque. She recommends applying your favourite masque pre-workout since she believes the heat helps the product penetrate the hair.

If this is what it takes to be named one of the hottest women ever, count us in.