Charlotte Tilbury: British Makeup Rock Star

Up close and personal with Charlotte Tilbury, British makeup rock star

Charlotte Tilbury: British Makeup Rock Star

Source: Best Health magazine, September 2015

There’s the Hollywood A- list, and then there’s the A+ -list. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the very few trusted makeup artists who cater to the latter, crafting red-carpet makeup for famous faces like Amal Clooney and Kate Moss (who happens to be godmother to Tilbury’s son, Flynn). We sat down with the makeup rock star at the Canadian launch of her award-winning eponymous line.

BH: How can a woman carve out her signature makeup look?
CT: ‘Finding that little black dress of makeup is all about what you identify with and what makes you feel comfortable. But it’s also about expressing what you’re secretly drawn to. Maybe in the business world you go for more of a sophisticated look, but at night you dial it up to something more vampy because that’s who you secretly want to be.’ 

BH: What’s the secret to model-worthy skin?
CT: Moisture, moisture, moisture. I never use primers. I hate how they can feel like plastic or a film on the skin. It’s not a good look. Instead, add moisture and your foundation and then layer finely milled powder on top to set everything for an airbrushed look.’

BH: What would you say is the most modern way to wear blush on mature skin?
CT: ‘When I do blush, I always try to mimic exactly what happens when you flush naturally. It starts in a concentrated centre and blooms to more of a halo around that colour. That’s exactly what I created with my blush ‘ you have two shades, so you get that pop of concentrated colour and swoosh of halo around it. Always blend it up and out, starting on the apples of the cheeks, so you get that lifted look.’

BH: The best anti-aging makeup trick you’ve borrowed from your famous clients?
CT: ‘I remember Diane Lane, who’s so beautiful, would always slightly contour or shade just the tip of her nose and then highlight the bridge and the cupid’s bow above her lip. It gives that amazing 3-D type of look. This idea was the genesis for Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight. It gives definition and a candlelit glow to the skin.’

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