Bridging the Nutritional Gaps in Your Child’s Diet

Despite your best attempts, your child may not be getting the nutritional support they need.

Photo credit: StockPhoto Secrets

As a parent, you want to provide your child with a well-balanced diet, filled with fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy fats. But it’s not always easy. Maybe your child is a picky eater and you’re worried that a diet consisting of chicken nuggets and carrot sticks isn’t cutting it. Or maybe your child’s schedule is so packed that they don’t always have time to eat properly while on the go, if they make time to eat at all (uneaten lunch sandwich, anyone?).

If you’re worried your child’s diet may be experiencing nutritional gaps, consider giving them a daily multi-vitamin. Sisu U-CubesTM Multi gummies provide the essential vitamins and minerals that kids need, in a formula designed just for them. Available in a variety of kid-friendly flavours, like grape, cherry and orange, U-CubesTM contain the all-important vitamins A and D, plus folic acid. These multivitamins are pectin-based and naturally flavoured. And, unlike other gummies, U-CubesTM are not made with artificial colours or preservatives, and they don’t contain animal gelatin or high-fructose corn syrup.

For another fun and convenient option, try Ester-C Kid Stiks. This multivitamin powder mixes easily into an electrolyte drink, a super-easy way to give kids the nutritional support they need. Kid Stiks contain Ester-C brand vitamin C, which offers 24-hour immune support, as well as nourishing B vitamins to support mood, brain function and nervous system health. Kids love the Groovy Grape and Cherry Chill flavours, and you’ll love that they’re made with natural vegetable colours and no artificial sweeteners.

Supplementing a child’s diet with a high-quality, safe multivitamin can help provide the essential building blocks of a balanced diet. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve got your child covered—365 days a year.