Bold Brows and Big Dreams: Benefit Gives Back with its Bold is Beautiful Project

This May, visit a Benefit Brow Bar and help support a Canadian charity like Look Good Feel Better or Habitat for Humanity

Benefit-Brow-BarBenefit Cosmetics

What’s better than a set of well-defined brows? A well-defined morale. Benefit wants to shape both of yours with its Bold Is Beautiful Project. This May, Benefit is donating every dollar from their brow waxing services to charities that empower women.

This year in Canada, half of the proceeds will go toward Beauty Gives Back – a charitable foundation of the Canadian beauty industry that helps support women with the emotional fallouts from cancer. One of the programs called Look Good Feel Better, helps women manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment. Whether it’s learning to choose a wig, recreating the look of lost eyebrows, or an uplifting makeup trick, these services help women with cancer to feel better and face their disease with confidence.

The other half of the brow waxing proceeds will go toward Habitat For Humanity’s Women Build program. The program brings women from all walks of life together to help build safe homes for low-income Canadian families. Not only does this foster women’s sense of confidence but it directly takes action against the affordable housing crisis in Canada. Women gain empowerment by building a house together with the knowledge that they’re working to improve the life of a low-income family forever.

The Bold Is Beautiful Project started in 2015 in the US, UK, and Australia. In its inaugural year, Benefit waxed more than 170,000 eyebrows and raised over $2.9 million US dollars. The money was donated to 11 partner charities that empower women and girls.

Make an appointment to visit the Benefit Brow Bar this May to give back and look great. Head to to find a location near you.

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