How To Make Your Blisters Disappear

Heal those pesky blisters, pronto.

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The Best Blister Remedies

If you have a blister, you most likely rubbed your skin the wrong way… literally. The most frequent cause of blisters is excessive friction on moist skin. As a blister forms, clear fluid accumulates in a pocket between the layers of the skin.

Sometimes, a small blood vessel in the area is damaged, and the fluid in the blister becomes tinged with blood. These types of blisters are generally found on the hands and feet, but can occur elsewhere too. Other potential blister causes include poison ivy and oak, sunburn and other burns, and eczema and other skin conditions.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Blister

  • Keep the blister clean with soap and water. You can dab on petroleum jelly or some other emollient to minimize further friction.
  • Additionally, be sure to cover the blister with a clean bandage and remember to change it daily.
  • Another great way to protect your blister is with a piece of moleskin-a soft, adhesive cushion that’s sold in pharmacies. (Don’t worry-no real moles have been sacrificed to make this product.) Leave it on for two days, and remove it carefully so it doesn’t tear the fragile skin beneath.

Blister Remedies To Speed Up Healing

  • Apply calendula ointment, a product made from marigold. It’s traditionally used as a soothing wound healer. To keep the ointment clean, cover it with an adhesive bandage or a gauze pad. At night, remove the bandage so the blistered area is exposed to air.
  • No calendula? Smearing aloe vera gel on the blister and covering it with a bandage will help it to heal. However, be sure you use the pure gel of the plant. Some processed products contain ingredients, like alcohol, which have a drying effect.
  • Relieve pain and itching by putting a wet wash cloth on your blister. All you need to do is soak the cloth in cold water, wring it out and then lay it over your blister.

What To Do If Your Blister Pops

  • If your blister pops, wash it with soap and water. Afterwords, cover it with a bandage. Remove the bandage and treat the raw spot with a mixture of one part tea-tree oil and three parts vegetable oil four times a day. The tea-tree oil in this remedy will help kill bacteria and prevent an infection.
  • Apply a mixture of vitamin E and calendula ointment to help your skin heal faster. Vitamin E comes in gel capsules. Slice open a capsule, mix equal amounts of the vitamin and calendula oil, and smear the mixture on your blister. Reapply as needed for up to a week.

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