Bethenny Frankel’s healthy snacking tips

Bethenny Frankel has teamed up with California Almonds for ‘Snack Talkin,’ a campaign to promote snack food month in the


Bethenny Frankel has teamed up with California Almonds for ‘Snack Talkin,’ a campaign to promote snack food month in the U.S. Here’s what the reality star and founder of Skinnygirl had to say about smart snacking and healthy eating:

Best Health: What defines a smart snack? Is there an ideal amount of calories or protein?
Bethenny Frankel: Keep the snack around 200 calories. Don’t put a time constraint on when you’re allowed to snack, just don’t overdo it. A snack should satisfy and accomplish a goal: whether you’re craving sugar or sweets or actually hungry or intentionally spoiling your appetite so you don’t overeat at a meal or a party, snacking should have purpose. Snacking shouldn’t be something you do out of habit or for the sake of doing or because some diet told you, you need to snack at 10 and 4 p.m. You will learn to know your body and whether you need to snack or not.

BH: How many snacks a day should you typically eat?
BF: There is no number, just use your judgment and make smart investments.

BH: What are some of your personal favourite must-have, go-to snacks?
BF: Skinnygirl Daily on-the-go nutrition bars are healthy snack for womens’ purses. Baggies of almonds or soybeans, hummus and wheat pretzels or dark chocolate with almonds are great snacks too!

BH: What are common bad snacking habits? Can you give some examples?
BF: Snacking because you’re bored or feel that you should rather than snacking to curb hunger at meal times and bridge that time in between.

BH: What’s your favourite pre- or post-workout snack?
BF: My Skinnygirl bars. I created them so people could have protein, carbs and satisfy their sweet tooth and hunger in one shot. Also, I will always grab a handful of almonds or wheat pretzels.

BH: Is it important to snack even if you’re trying to lose weight?
BF: Yes, if you really want it, snacking can be a good calorie investment to save you from spending way more calories later. Snacking can take the edge off. However if you are just eating to eat, then it isn’t so smart.

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