We Found the Absolute Best Pyjamas to Keep Cool at Night

These techie pjs from a Montreal company work like active wear.

Staying cool is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Too bad your hormones never got the memo.

The often wild fluctuations of hormones that come with perimenopause (which most women enter sometime in their 40s, but it can start earlier) and menopause can bring on damp, clammy night sweats. Synthetic fabrics like polyester blends can be straight-up sweat traps, and even breathable cotton isn’t great at wicking away perspiration. So it may be time to upgrade your pjs so they work like activewear, pulling away wetness, odour and bacteria from your skin’s surface.

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Lusomé pyjamas | best pyjamas | best pjsImage: Lusomé

Enter clever Montreal brand Lusomé, which combines techie fabric with pretty details in traditional pj cuts. Lusomé’s trademarked fabric draws perspiration and bacteria away from the body through its capillary-like structure, and spreads it quickly over the outer surface of the material so that it evaporates almost instantly. These pjs work like activewear, but look like million bucks.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada