The Best Plants for Removing Air Pollution in Every Room of Your Home

Turns out house plants have air-purifying superpowers.

Considering that we Canadians are spending a whopping 90 percent of our time indoors, on average, and that our homes have three to five times more pollutants inside than outside — thanks to chemicals lurking in materials like upholstery, paints, carpets, or these other hidden sources — it’s worth springing for a few of these plant babies.
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For your living room: Dwarf Date Palm

This plant can filter out xylene, which is found in paints and lacquers. For ultra-clean air, place at least one plant for every 100 square feet of your home or office space, according to the NASA Clean Air Study.
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For your office: Lilyturf

Meet your favourite new co-worker. This plant helps remove trichloroethylene (found in printer ink), xylene (found in permanent markers and print cartridges) and ammonia
(common in aerosols).
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For your bedroom: Bamboo Palm

Not only does this plant remove benzene (found in furniture wax) and formaldehyde, it keeps indoor air moist, making it a welcome addition to your bedroom.
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For your patio: Kimberly Queen Fern

Place this indoor/outdoor plant on a patio, deck or balcony to filter out xylene agents, which are found in car exhaust.
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For your bathroom: Boston Fern

The NASA Clean Air Study revealed that it’s the best plant for removing formaldehyde, which can be found in bathroom staples like cleaning products, tissues, toilet paper and hair dyes. Plus, the plant thrives in low light and humidity, so the steam from your shower will do it good.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada