The 2017 Best Health Wellness Awards – Oral Health Products

Staying healthy and active is an ongoing commitment. That’s why the right products matter. You can trust these BH-approved oral health products to take great care of your mouth and your smile.

Best oral health, with two girls with pretty smilesphoto credit: shutterstock

A bright smile shows a lot. Not only is it a sign that you’re happy, it also shows that you take care of your teeth… and your gums, and your tongue, and your mouth. We know it’s important to trust the brands that you use every day, which is why we are recognizing these products and giving them our seal of approval.

Best Toothpaste

Say buh-bye to sharp tooth pain with a paste that cleans and repairs vulnerable areas.

Sesodyne Repair & Protect with Novamin, $6 at drug stores.

best teeth whitener Crest WhiteStrips

Best Teeth Whitener

Smile! These strips offer a snug fit for better coverage – and brighter results.

Crest 3D White WhiteStrips Luxe Supreme Fit, $80 at drug stores.

Best electric toothbrush Oral-B Genius

Best Toothbrush

Cleaning goes high-tech with this app-based appliance that promotes longer, better brushing.

Oral-B Genius 8000, $270 at mass retailers.

Best mouthwash Listerine

Best Mouthwash

A rinse that fights stains and gingivitis? We’ll take it.

Listerine UltraClean Anti-Stain Antiseptic Mouthwash, $10 at drug stores.

Best Health Wellness Awards Oral Health Graphic

Originally Published in Best Health Canada