Best Health Magazine: Summer 2010

Discover what you’ll find in the May 2010 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: Summer 2010

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New & Now

Why playing sports pays off for girls ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ How
a Canadian-made organic beauty line got its start ‘ Environmentally friendly produce bags ‘ A seasonal fruit smoothie ‘ Latest studies on family health ‘ These women get the ‘ultimate’ in exercise ‘ An in-line skating mini-wardrobe ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ How to keep your dog healthy this summer ‘ UV protection for contact lens wearers ‘ World Oceans Day tips ‘ How many EpiPens do you really need? ‘ The Canadians with the longest lifespans ‘ Iceberg lettuce: good or bad? ‘ How to shop smart for travel insurance ‘ Book picks ‘ Delicious (healthy!) frozen treats ‘ Garlic as first aid? ‘ Barbecue tools with a healthy twist

Look Great

40  Play Ball!
These three simple moves you do with a ball will improve your balance and tone your muscles.
43  Science of Beauty: Safe in the Sun
We researched the latest findings in suncare’and rounded up some products.
48  Stubble Trouble?
Try these nick-free tips for getting smooth legs. Prefer razor-free hair removal? We tested a few.
52  Beauty Bar
Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
55  Help Me, Rhonda!
Our beauty editor answers your questions.
56  Foot-Friendly Sandals
Granola grows up: These are comfy and cute.
60  Feast for Your Senses
Pamper yourself with these beauty treats.
63  Fat Be Gone? Part Two
Writer Patricia Pearson’s follow-up to a non-invasive fat-blasting procedure’find out if it worked.
67  Just for Him
Men’s skin is different than women’s’here’s how. Plus, we asked our significant others to test some men’s products.

Get Healthy

72  A Beginner’s Guide to Running
If you’ve always wanted to try it,  here’s what you need to know to get started.
81  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
There’s hope for women with this common cause of infertility.
84  What Works, What Doesn’t
Answers to common health questions.
87  The Buzz on Bug Repellents
What’s in them’and are they safe? Plus, we asked two brave readers to field test repellents for us.
94   Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene
Find out if this new trend is for you.
96  ‘How Homeopathy Changed My Life’
It worked for this Montreal woman. She and her practitioner explain how.
101  Your Ride Guide
We take you step-by-step through four bicycle maintenance essentials. (Don’t worry, they’re easy to do!)
104  How to Prevent Motion Sickness
What remedies are right for you? We rounded up a few and found out how they work.

Eat Well

108  Chill Out with Melons
These beauties are refreshing and packed with nutrients. Here are cool ideas for adding them to your diet.
111  How Safe is Canada’s Restaurant Food?
Best Health investigates.
116  Dynamic Duos
We’ve found 10 pairs of foods that pack a bigger nutritional punch when they’re teamed up.
119  Community Kitchen
One reader’s strawberry salsa recipe.
120  Shake the Salt
Four lower-sodium grocery store swaps.
121  Letter from Italy
This part of the world is a great setting for teaching kids to appreciate good food. Here’s why.
123  Get the Grill Fired Up!
Paul Finkelstein’s innovative’yet simple’recipes for a summer barbecue.
128  Road-Trip Snacks
Dietitian Sue Mah’s family-friendly suggestions.
130  Quinoa
Why it’s a super-food, plus two tasty recipes.
132  Quick Fixes
Healthy dishes you can make in 30 minutes or less.
134  Summer Cocktails
Eight antioxidant-packed drinks.

Embrace Life

138  Healthy Vacation Ideas
We found five Canadian spots that offer activity-filled getaways for families, couples’or just the girls.
143  Ask a Sex Therapist
Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers a question about oral sex.
145  Wish You Were Here?
Why being outside is so good for your health.
148  A Natural State of Mind
One woman’s story of reconnecting with her outdoor roots and learning to live in the moment.
152  ‘How I Unplug For a Month In Summer’
A mom of two shares how she and her family make it work.
158  Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
160  My Healthy Life
Canadian actress Sitara Hewitt’s take on healthy living.

10 Editor’s Note
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14 Letters
157 Shopping Guide