Best Health Magazine: September 2010

Here’s what you’ll find in the September 2010 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: September 2010

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New & Now

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Kid-reviewed portable lunch snacks ‘ Is a macrobiotic diet harmful to bones? ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ Why mowing the lawn soothes you ‘ Natural muscle-pain relief ‘ This issue’s book choices ‘ Quick and healthy breakfast and lunch ideas from a dietitian ‘ The latest food additive ‘ The pros and cons of homemade pet food ‘ An antioxidant smoothie’on a stick! ‘ A new tool to make your own healthy salad dressing ‘ The story behind one of Canada’s oldest cosmetic companies ‘ Walk away your risk of stroke ‘ Latest studies on family health ‘ These six friends love cycling on the open road

Look Great

32 The Instant Beauty Fix
Easy ways to improve your posture.
37 Kick That Bad Beauty Habit (The Sequel)
Back by popular demand: healthy fixes for some common mistakes.
40 Beauty Bar
Our nail colour, hair and skincare picks.
42 Lighten Your Load
A roundup of body-friendly handbags.
46 Paradise, Home and Away
Two dreamy spas.
48 Staff-Tested Shampoo and Conditioner
Duos We each tried products targeted to our needs. Find out how they performed.
50 Help Me, Rhonda!
Our beauty editor answers your questions. In this issue: Can you get a refund for beauty products?
53 Beauty Under the Sea
Cosmetic companies are adding ocean ingredients to their products. How effective are they?
56 It Worked for Me
This woman took the plunge and went for a professional bra-fitting. What a confidence-booster!

Get Healthy

60 Take the Vichy Best Health Challenge
Join our reader as she gets a complete life makeover. First up: a home workout plan.
67 Five Health Assumptions to Avoid
Chances are, you’re making at least one of them. Here’s what you need to know.
70 What Works, What Doesn’t
Answers to common health questions.
73 Why Cancer Fundraisers Really Do Help
A leading Canadian researcher shares how money raised by people right across this country has been leading to huge advances in treatment.
75 ‘My Odds Weren’t Good’
When this woman was told she was at exceptionally high risk for cancer, she felt she had only one choice.
78 His Health
Is he a weekend warrior? Don’t worry; it’s not necessarily unhealthy. Here’s why.

Eat Well

82 Peppers Galore
Buy a bushel’sweet or hot’and enjoy their delicious health benefits. Plus, try our easy recipe ideas.
85 Swap & Drop
These simple changes will help you lose pounds the sensible way.
88 Simple, Elegant Meals
Why wait for a night out to enjoy mussels, lamb or smoked salmon? Try these easy recipes for dressed-up dishes by fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein.
92 The Truth About Processed Meats
Are they safe?
94 Light and Fruity Desserts
We rounded up some old-school treats and gave them a Best Health twist.
100 ‘Our Night at Rideau Hall’
A few lucky high-school students got the chance to cook for a gala dinner attended by dignitaries’including the outgoing Governor General, Michaëlle Jean.
102 Quick Fixes
Healthy suppers you can make in less than 30 minutes.

Embrace Life

106 Norma Bastidas, Super Woman
This Calgary mom runs ‘ultra-marathons’ around the world. Find out why (and how!). 
115 My Kids, the Food Police
For writer Patricia Pearson, her kids’ food savvy isn’t always a good thing.
118 Ask A Sex Therapist
Psychologist Cheryl Fraser shares the keys to a long-lasting marriage.
120 Couples Workout
These three couples say working out together keeps them motivated, healthy’and close.
123 The Growing Pains of Change
‘Tending my garden makes coping with my dad’s dementia a little easier.’
126 Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
128 My Healthy Life
Why this Canadian makeup artist is so eco-conscious.