Best Health Magazine: September 2008

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Best Health Magazine: September 2008

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Pages 21-35
A down-under spin on fighting fat ‘ Best stretch: neck ‘ Dealing with grief when a pet dies ‘ A cool new lunch carrier ‘ All about our fifth taste sensation ‘ Are sexual lubricants safe? ‘ Meet some Maritime women who walk themselves fit ‘ It’s cool to quaff tap water! ‘ By the numbers: a family health update ‘ Three instant mood boosters to try right now ‘ Eco-friendly cleaning products ‘ A smart fast-food choice ‘ You’ll love our roundup of hiking gear ‘ Spa paradises ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ An innovative frying pan ‘ Pharmacies that do more than fill prescriptions ‘ Download this! ‘ Best Health’s book and DVD choices ‘ Mighty flavonoids ‘ These ailments cost hospitals most

Look Great

38 Bottoms Up!
Strength-building squats to shape your glutes.
40 Label Lingo
What makes a beauty product ‘organic,’ ‘natural’ or ‘green’?
45 Beauty Thief
Another reason to quit smoking: It adds wrinkles, sagging’and years of age to your appearance.
47 Silky Serums
Super-hydrate your skin with these luxurious-feeling (and staff-tested!) moisturizers.
51 How to Cheat on Your Hairdresser
These insider tips on hair care will save you time and money.
53 What’s New in Bras
Technology is making bras smarter, and more comfortable, than ever. Find out what works for you.
56 Beauty Bar
Our roundup of makeup, scent and skincare products.
58 Get It Together
These cool new websites will help you look your best.

Get Healthy

62 7 Hot Fitness Trends
Fed up with your ho-hum gym routine? One of these could be your new favourite workout.
66 Virus Alert
Viruses may actually make you obese, lead to heart failure and cause cancer. Read this and learn how to reduce your risk.
71 It Worked For Me!
How naturopathy helped one woman regain her calm and look at her health in a more holistic way.
74 HRT: Take It or Leave It?
Best Health ends the confusion about hormone replacement therapy.
79 Heartburn Relief
Over-the-counter remedies that work.
82 Male Call
The bald truth about men’s hair loss.
85 Healthy Humour
Our reporter picks up an old-school sport: dodgeball.
87 New Ways to Heal Pain
Research breakthroughs and new therapies.
91 Full Cycle
A menstrual and fertility expert shares her top three tips.
92 Get It Together
Cool new websites and tools to keep you healthy.

Eat Well

96 Hot Tomatoes!
They’re nutritious and delicious. Here’s how to get tomatoes into every meal.
100 Eat Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure
Three foods that take the pressure off, and three that could blow your gasket.
104 Paul Finkelstein’s Harvest Recipes
Canada’s fresh-food celebrity has created recipes that highlight the best of the season.
109 Diet Dilemmas, Solved
We asked the experts to evaluate’and enhance’four popular diets.
112 Super Foods, Super Cheap!
Best Health highlights eight budget-friendly super foods that boost your nutrition.
115 Grocery Guide
Three tasty new choices on grocery store shelves now.
116 Quick Fixes
Healthy meals you can make in about 30 minutes.
120 Get It Together
These cool new websites and tools can help you eat more healthfully.

Embrace Life

125 Friends Forever
How one group of women honoured their friend Liz’s memory.
130 Mindful Walking
Relaxation tips you can take in stride.
132 What’s Your Sleep Style?
Take our quiz, then learn how to stack the odds of getting a good night’s sleep in your favour.
134 Luxury Stress
What’s the psychology behind our overspending habits?
138 Passion, Thrills and Romance
Rona Maynard writes about how it is possible to have it all, even with a long-term partner.
140 Down, But Not Out
Why antidepressants remain the best treatment for many of the 1.5 million Canadians who live with depression.
148 Get It Together
Cool new websites and tools to enhance your life.
150 When Your Mother-in-law Is No Joke
Find help with these insights.
152 My Healthy Life
An entrepreneur dishes up her best advice.

10 Editor’s Note
12 Letters
14 On the Web
16 Community Centre
18 Contributors
145 Shopping Guide

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