Best Health Magazine: October 2010

Here’s what you’ll find inside the October 2010 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: October 2010

Source: Best Health Magazine, October 2010

New & Now

Why friends can add years to your life ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Latest studies on family health ‘ An energy-boosting smoothie ‘ When is it not okay to go gluten-free? ‘ Pretty products that help fund breast cancer research ‘ Why Brussels sprouts are so mighty  ‘ What does ovulation have to do with pain tolerance? ‘ An idea to keep kids more visible on Halloween ‘  Why brushing too hard is a bad idea ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ A breakdown of the most common food allergies in Canada ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ How to keep your indoor cat fit ‘ Boost intimacy with a sexy game ‘ A dance class mini-wardrobe

Look Great

30    Tone Up with Tubing
Use our custom-designed program to help you build strong, shapely muscles in six moves.
35    ‘You’ve Gotta Try This!’
We told our girlfriends about our favourite beauty products’and they shared theirs, too.
38    Beauty Bar
Our hair, makeup and skincare picks.
40    Home Shopping Parties
Tips for being a great host or happy guest.
42    Help Me, Rhonda!
Our beauty editor answers your questions. In this issue: ‘Is it okay to use Botox just once, and then stop?’
45    Home Run
A time-strapped mom gets a lesson from a pro in colouring her own hair.
46    Home Hair Colour 101
Tips for choosing the right product.
49    Grey, and Loving It
Why some women choose to embrace their roots.
52    Fall’s Makeup Trend: Earthy-green eye makeup.

Get Healthy

58    The Buddy System
These women say working out together keeps them connected and in shape.
62    Friends Have Benefits
From lowering your blood pressure to helping you avoid breast cancer, here are a few reasons why a strong social circle is so good for you.
65    Power Plants
Get more of these five plant compounds in your diet, and find out which foods are your best sources.
70    Saving Lives’and Relationships
A unique program helps men cope when their wives are diagnosed with cancer.
75    ‘Oh, My Aching Back!’
We uncover the latest research about what causes back pain and what you can’and can’t’do to find relief.

Eat Well

86    Perfect Pears
Delicious, versatile and full of nutrients, pears are ripe for the picking. Plus, get easy ways to add them to meals.
88    A Whole-Life Makeover, Part Two
Our Vichy Best Health Challenge winner gets her nutrition on track with advice from a registered dietitian.
92    Portion & Pack
We’ve rounded up cool new products for a healthier lunch.
94    Girls’ Night In?
We tested snack foods and found almost guilt-free options.
96    Viva Italia!
Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s recent trip to southern Italy inspired this authentic Italian menu.
100    Trim the Fat
Three lower-fat grocery store swaps.
103    The Big Cook
Eliminate dinner prep: Here are some big-batch recipes ‘to freeze for easy meals on busy nights.
106    Community Kitchen
Two readers share their recipes.
108    Quick Fixes
Healthy suppers you can make in less than 30 minutes.

Embrace Life

112    Is She a Toxic Friend?
Take our quiz to find out. Plus, expert advice on whether you should save or sever the relationship.
117    Bonding Over Beauty
Indulge in a spa day with the girls. We’ve found great spots across Canada.
122    How to Help a Friend with Cancer
It’s hard to know the right things to do. One woman shares first-hand advice for how to really help.
124    Ask a Sex Therapist
Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers the question, ‘Is it a bad idea to date my guy friend?’
126    Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
128    My Healthy Life
A busy mom and Halifax spa owner shares her ‘philosophy for healthy living.

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