Best Health Magazine: October 2008

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Best Health Magazine: October 2008

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Pages 19-31
Exotic and tasty super fruits ‘ Best stretch: IT band ‘ An ingredient that’s toxic to your pet ‘ Fast-food healthy swap ‘ Why the buzz around biodynamic agriculture? ‘ ‘Living walls’ help you to breathe easier ‘ The cost of mental health issues ‘ Spa paradises ‘ New ways to fight breast cancer ‘ A mini-wardrobe for dancing ‘ Products that ‘think pink’ ‘ A new kitchen bin that makes recycling even easier ‘ U.K. hospitals adopt a new code to reduce infections ‘ Best Health’s book and DVD picks ‘ Green your home office ‘ You can fight inflammation by avoiding these foods ‘ Family health, by the numbers ‘ These women get into the ring for Thai boxing ‘ Eco-friendly beauty

Look Great

36 Posture Perfect
The secret to looking your best is simple.
38 Super Natural
Mineral makeup is taking the beauty world by storm, but is it really better? We do the homework for you.
42 Turkish Delight
Hamams bring a new kind of bliss to Canadian spas.
44 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, scent and skincare picks.
47 Your Hair’s Health
Can the products you use and the foods you eat make your hair smoother, shinier? We take a look at the latest science.
51 Berry Fresh
Fall’s makeup trends include uplifting purples and reds.
52 Fill ‘Em Up?
Depending on whom you ask, injectable wrinkle fillers are either a blessing or a curse. Best Health examines their risks and costs.
56 Heaven Scent
The benefits of aromatherapy, the latest trends and how to use essential oils.
59 Faces of Success
Canadian beauty moguls’ look-good tips.

Get Healthy

64 Canada’s Bluest Communities
These cities and towns are setting the bar high for water conservation and treatment.
71 Cold Comfort
Our experts’ top picks for treating the common cold.
74 Male Call
The latest news on vasectomies.
76 Gender Bias
Surprising new research heralds a revolution in health care: that men and women should be treated differently.
80 The 7 Golden Rules of Fitness
Your blueprint for a longer life.
82 Should You Get the Flu Shot?
Flu season is around the corner. We weigh the pros and cons of getting immunized.
83 Pulse Points
Take our quiz and learn how to improve your heart health.
84 Ribbons of Hope
New discoveries and treatments for fighting the five cancers that affect women most.
90 Soothing Moves
Three simple yoga moves (and the latest gear!) will help you stay calm and centred.

Eat Well

96 Awesome Apples
This Canadian fall staple packs a huge nutrition punch. Here’s how to get them into any meal.
103 How Much Do You Know About Organics?
Take our quiz and find out which foods are worth spending more money on.
108 Quick Fixes
Meals you can make in about 30 minutes.
111 Inside a Dietitian’s Fridge
A nutrition expert’s ‘must-haves’ for healthy eating at home.
114 Paul Finkelstein’s Taste of Italy
Canada’s fresh-food celebrity shares new recipes inspired by an old-world cuisine.
118 Grocery Guide
Do the new soy products measure up? We tested them.
120 Foods That Truly Comfort
New research shows which foods and drinks can actually soothe you.

Embrace Life

124 ‘I Have a Crazy Idea”
These 12 women took on a lofty challenge.
131 Make Stress Work for You
Yes, stress can actually be good. Here are seven ways to take advantage of it.
138 It Worked for Me!
How ‘mixing it up’ became this mom’s mantra.
140 Make Mine Vanilla
One married man’s take on good old-fashioned sex.
142 Does Hypnotherapy Work?
To conquer her fear of heights, writer Patricia Pearson tried it and found out.
144 The Clean Home Secret
It’s cheap, and it’s eco-friendly.
146 Can Colleagues Be True Friends?
Yes’and no.
148 The Comfort Zone
From feng shui to trendy tricks, we asked design experts for ideas on creating a soothing living space.
152 My Healthy Life
A doctor finds balance far from home.

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151 Shopping Guide

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