Best Health Magazine: November/December 2010

Here’s what you’ll find inside the November/December 2010 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: November/December 2010

Source: Best Health Magazine, November 2010

New & Now

A plan to prevent weight gain during party season ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Why women love a man in red ‘ Preparing your pet for holiday visitors ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Bollywood dance classes keep these friends fit ‘ The latest research on family health ‘ Beauty products that fund AIDs research ‘ Guiltless holiday snacks ‘ A smoothie to help your brain and heart ‘ Book and DVD picks ‘ Winterize your home with this checklist ‘ New research about IBS and colon cancer is good news ‘ A green way to wrap a gift ‘ Three healthier cookie options ‘ Eleven ways to help you live a longer life

Look Great

32    Love Your Joints! Six moves to tone the muscles around your ‘knees, hips and shoulders.
36    Beauty Bar Our hair, makeup and skincare picks.
39    The Sweet Smell of Success How a Canadian perfumer found ‘her dream fragrance thanks to childhood memories.
42    Heaven Scent Our roundup of fragrances to give’and get.
46    Built for Warmth We found winter coats that will keep you cozy and dry.
51    The Truth About Sulfates Are they harmful in beauty products?
52    Help Me, Rhonda! Our beauty editor answers your questions. In this issue: Do my skincare products all have to be the same brand?
54    Staff-Tested Eyeliners: We found out which ones work best.
56    Gift Guide Twenty ideas to pamper those on your list.

Get Healthy

60     Rx for the Best Care Going to the hospital? Here’s how to decrease your risk of a medical error, and get the treatment you need.
62    ‘How I Lost 86 Pounds’ A busy entrepreneur, and mom of two, shares how she got her healthy body back.
66    His Health Does your partner have friends who are a bad influence on him? Here’s how to help him’and you’cope.
69    Hangover Helpers Had one drink too many? Here are your best
remedy options, plus tips to keep in mind during party season.
71    Gotta Go? Incontinence isn’t just an ‘old lady’ problem. We researched the latest treatment options.
74    What Works, What Doesn’t Answers to common he
76    Gift Guide Sixteen fun ideas for healthy living.

Eat Well

80    ‘Super Spuds Potatoes, both sweet and regular, are full of healthy ‘nutrients. Here are creative ways to add them to your meals.
83   Quick Fixes Healthy suppers you can make in less than 30 minutes.
88    Be an Eco-Friendly Cook From shopping for groceries, to cooking ‘and storing food, here are 21 tips that will help you save energy.
90    Portion Checker What does a 100-calorie serving of cheese look like?
93    Lovely Spoonfuls Paul Finkelstein’s warm and wholesome soups are just right for colder days.
98    Slash the Sugar Try these four grocery store swaps.
99    Community Kitchen One reader’s favourite healthy recipe.
100    Gift Guide Sixteen ideas that are in great taste.

Embrace Life

104    A Whole-Life Makeover, Part Three Our Vichy Best Health Challenge winner seeks balance with the help of a life coach.
108    It’s Okay to Need Help Expert Susan Biali explains why we often need a hand to be happier.
111    Too Much Information! Writer Rebecca Field Jager’s kids tell her everything’almost. Some things, she found, you just don’t need to know.
114    Ask Our Sex Therapist Psychologist Cheryl Fraser gives advice to a woman who wants to get more pleasure from sex.
117    Saved by Shock Therapy One woman shares her story of how it brought her back from severe depression.
124    Gift Guide Seventeen ideas for a happy home.
126    BH Minute Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
128    My Healthy Life A Vancouver life coach shares her philosophy.