Best Health Magazine: November/December 2008

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Best Health Magazine: November/December 2008

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Pages 17-33
Four ways to lift your spirits at work ‘ Best stretch: wrist ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Family health update, by the numbers ‘ Cross-country skiing keeps these friends fit and happy ‘ Mini-wardrobe for running ‘ The health benefits of capers ‘ An Aussie event to raise funds for prostate cancer comes to Canada ‘ Convenient storage for your home laptop ‘ Good news from the lab about hypertension ‘ Rates of female HIV infection around the world ‘ Safe toys for your pet ‘ Why sourdough bread is good for you ‘ Fast-food healthy swap ‘ Best books ‘ Spa paradises ‘ Healthy weight gain during pregnancy ‘ ‘Green’ glassware ‘ Chocolate-inspired beauty

Look Great

36 The Classic Conditioner
Gain strength and get toned with push-ups.
40 Chasing Radiance
Get glowing skin thanks to the latest science and new ingredients.
46 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, scent and skincare picks.
48 Magic Wands
When it comes to mascara, innovative brushes are all the rage. Here’s why (plus, we tested a few!).
50 Is It Okay to Wear Heels?
The health highs and lows.
54 Instant Glamour
Great ideas to get party-ready, fast.
57 Flight Plans
Travel well with beauty secrets from five jet-setting women, and get sleep and nutrition tips, too.
60 False Moves
Fake eyelashes, hair extensions and false nails add glamour, but take our advice to avoid infection.
62 D.I.Y. Facials
Treat yourself’and your skin’to these at-home options.

Get Healthy

68 Beyond Nursing
Canada’s first nurse practitioners’ clinic recently opened. What does it mean for our healthcare system?
71 Boost Your Immunity
Nine ways to cut your cold and flu risk.
76 Just Press Play!
We asked a fitness instructor to test the latest exercise DVDs’here are her top 10. (Bonus: There’s one for every workout style!)
83 Itchy Skin?
Get expert advice for soothing remedies.
86 There Ought to Be a Law
Our reporter investigates what is being done to stop hospital-acquired infections.
88 Male Call
The latest research on preventing prostate cancer.
90 Find Your Inner Slim
Breakthroughs in the science of obesity.
94 A New Kind of Hockey Mom
Writer Dave Bidini explains why he’s happy his wife has become obsessed with playing the Canadian game.
100 The Truth About Yeast Infections
What really is the best treatment?

Eat Well

104 Essential Squash
Winter squash and pumpkins are nutritional powerhouses. Here’s why (plus, some great recipe ideas!).
109 How Safe Is Your Food?
Proper prep is key to food safety at home. Take our quiz and learn ways to cut your risk of getting sick.
112 Paul Finkelstein’s Feasts
Canada’s fresh-food celebrity dishes up creative and healthy meals using the season’s colourful ingredients: Beet and Tarragon Fusilli, Penne with Roasted Squash and Sausage and Dried-Fruit & Apple Strudel.
116 Grocery Guide
We tested three new comfort-food products.
119 My Week in the Raw
Writer Patricia Pearson tries a raw-food diet.
122 Cook Smart to Drop Pounds
Try these easy ways to cut calories.
126 Quick Fixes
Healthy meals you can make in about 30 minutes.
130 Sage Advice
This herb is not just for cooking. Find out how to use it for your hair, skin and common ailments, too.

Embrace Life

134 It Worked for Me!
Learning to live in the moment gave this Victoria mom the tools to calm her worrying ways.
138 The Science of Arousal
For women who want to boost their sex drive, these medical advances can help.
144 The Job of Giving
Rona Maynard writes about ways we can all put the joy back into gift giving.
146 The Magic Power of Sleep
A good slumber is the essential ingredient in being happy, healthy and slim.
148 Are You a Control Freak?
Take our quiz to find out (and if you are, learn how to make it work for you).
154 The Friends Connection
Five reasons close bonds are good for you.
160 My Healthy Life
A medical resident makes time for fitness and family.

6 Editor’s Note
8 Community Centre
10 On the Web
12 Letters
14 Contributors
159 Shopping Guide

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