Best Health Magazine: May 2011

Here’s what you’ll find inside the May 2011 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: May 2011

Source: Best Health Magazine, May 2011

New & Now

Your essential daily stretch ‘ Latest studies on family health ‘ Does a base tan protect you? ‘ New research on mental health ‘ Can pets catch colds and flu from you? ‘ Comfy sports bras and panties ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ A Greek yogurt smoothie recipe ‘ A new way to ease cramps ‘ Recycled-plastic bathroom organizers ‘ We taste-tested three new brands of bread ‘ A mom and her daughter bond over CrossFit classes ‘ Avon’s enduring legacy ‘ Another reason to drink green tea ‘ Which cosmetic procedures are most popular? ‘ Our book and DVD picks ‘ The season’s pretty makeup palettes ‘ ‘Thanks, Mom’ ‘ Best fast-food swap

Look Great

36    6 Moves for Strong, Sexy Shoulders Get ready to go sleeveless with this easy toning workout.
40    Beauty Bar Our hair, makeup and skincare picks.
42    Staff-Tested Antiperspirants and Deodorants We tried the latest products to see which ones beat odour and wetness.
46    Fitting Pretty This season’s fashion trends are in full swing! So how do you wear them to best suit your body type?
53    Help Me, Rhonda! Our beauty editor answers your questions. This issue: What’s the best way to wear stripes and florals?
54    Buff & Polish We found some body-pampering products to help you get skin that’s smooth, soft and ready to bare.

Get Healthy

58    Walk This Way Our essential advice for getting the most out of this cheap and effective exercise.
63    Under Armed! The best remedies for keeping sweat and odour at bay (and what’s in them).
66    ‘Keeping Slim is a Lifestyle Now’ A 36-year-old mom of two shares how she lost more than 65 pounds.
69    Growing Up Too Fast? A look at whether kids really are maturing more quickly these days’and if we should be worried.
72    His Health If he’s addicted to exercising, he could need help.
74    Bald Can Be Beautiful How one Vancouver woman finally came to terms with her alopecia diagnosis.
76    The Truth About Colonics If you’re considering getting one, read this.

Eat Well

84    Glorious Greens! In season and full of nutrients, salad greens can take centre stage on the menu again. Plus, lots of great recipe ideas.
87    Spring Clean Your Pantry Registered dietitian Sue Mah shares her healthy secrets and 19 must-have foods.
91    Quick Fixes Good-for-you suppers you can make in about 30 minutes.
94    Swap & Drop Try these seven easy food switches’and see how small changes can add up to a big difference on the scale.
98    Community Kitchen A reader shares her vegetable-turkey chili recipe.
100    Portion Checker Can you guess which of these bread spreads has the most calories and fat?
102    A Feast for Mom Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s easy-to-make menu is the perfect way to celebrate.

Embrace Life

108    Who’s the Fairest? We may wish we had Angelina’s lips or Beyoncé’s bum, but it is possible to love what you see in the mirror. Here’s how.
113    When Food Becomes an Addiction A Calgary woman shares her journey to overcome compulsive overeating.
119    The Chins of Our Mothers Writer Patricia Pearson takes a look at her own’and her family’s’issues with body image.
122    Ask A Sex Therapist Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers the question: ‘I’ve had an affair. How can my marriage survive?’
126    Best Health Minute Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
128    My Healthy Life Celebrity fashion stylist Sandra Pittana shares her tips for looking and feeling great.