Best Health Magazine: May 2010

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Best Health Magazine: May 2010

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New & Now

Healthy trend in packaged foods ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ On the horizon: New treatments for MS ‘ A weight-conscious smoothie ‘ Is coloured toilet paper bad for us? ‘ Cool finds to help you get organized this spring ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ A Canadian skincare line that’s all in the family ‘ What do adult kids cost their parents? ‘ Pets and babies ‘ New treatments for sparse lashes ‘ The latest scents for spring ‘ Which TV ads target our kids? ‘ The new eco-friendly toilets ‘ How loud is your iPod? ‘ New findings on bone health ‘ This issue’s book picks ‘ Latest research on family health ‘ This dance-yoga combo is plenty of fun

Look Great

40 Six Weeks to Summer Abs
Crunch-free toning moves for a sleeker, tighter stomach. (Bonus: Three for new moms.)
44 Help Me, Rhonda!
Our beauty editor answers your questions.
46 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
48 Could you do it?
Strip down for a TV show, that is? Here’s the story of one woman who did.
53 Clothes to Flatter Your Figure
A guide to picking the right jeans, swimsuit and dress for your body.
62 BH Science of Beauty Adult Acne
How to make it disappear.
66 Mix It Up!
Get glowing skin with these do-it-yourself beauty products.
68 Staff-Tested Body Washes
We lathered up and reviewed six of them.
70  Fat Be Gone?
Writer Patricia Pearson tries one of the new fat-blasting technologies and gives her take on the experience.

Get Healthy

74 An Innovative Prescription
A doctor teaches women a healthy wayto lose weight­’and how to finally put themselves first.
79 Health Tips from Around the World
Seventeen tricks.
83 How Canada is Fighting Obesity
These back-to-basics community initiatives could help turn the tide on this epidemic.
90 Shape Up After Baby
A ‘real mom’ way to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight’no Hollywood price tag attached.
94 The Truth About Diet Pills
Do they work, and are they safe?
96 My Breasts
One woman’s personal story of coping with breast cancer.
99 Talking To Kids About Body Image
Grade 7 students reveal to us the pressure they feel to be thin (girls) and muscular (boys).
102 His Health
Men have body issues, too. Here’s how to help.
104 Why Do We Hit Weight-Loss Plateaus?
A Canadian obesity doctor answers the question’and explains how to break through.

Eat Well

110 Stalk Up!
May is asparagus season. Here are creative ways to add this vitamin-packed beauty to your diet.
112 Slim Your Kitchen, Shrink Your Waistline
Eight simple steps.  
115 Quick Fixes
Healthy dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
119 Finding Balance
Dietitian Sue Mah shares her insights on weight management.
120  Community Kitchen
Two readers’ favourite recipes.
122  BH Essential Is Your Blood Sugar Up & Down?
Why you need to tame it’and foods that can help. (Hint: Add some tang to your meals.)
126 Slash the Sugar
Healthier grocery store options.
128 Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants
We highlight four across the country.
130 Light and Easy
Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein puts a healthy spin on three classic recipes. (Just imagine: no-guilt artichoke dip!)
134 Flat-Belly Foods
Eat as much as you want of these eight foods.

Embrace Life

138 Breaking the Cycle
How writer Erin Phelan was able to overcome her eating disorder.
140 BH Quiz Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?
Find out and get expert advice if you want to be happier in your skin.
145 The Naked Truth
One couple shares what they really think about their own’and their partner’s’naked body.
148 Celebrate Aging
Rona Maynard’s take on coming to terms with what makes for a healthy midlife attitude.
150  Move Over, Marilyn!
Five women share their boudoir photos­’and what the experience did for their confidence.
158 Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of the issue’s top tips.
160 My Healthy Life
Nutritionist and author Joey Shulman’s advice.

8 Editor’s Note
10 Community Centre
14 Letters
157 Shopping Guide