Best Health Magazine: March/April 2011

Here’s what you’ll find inside the March/April 2011 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: March/April 2011

Source: Best Health Magazine, March/April 2011

New & Now

Should you eat breakfast before cardio? ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ A vitamin C-packed smoothie Latest studies on family health ‘ A Pilates mini-wardrobe ‘ How does Canada stack up in cancer survival rates? ‘ Essential: A road-safety kit for cars ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Travelling with your cat or dog ‘ The timeless allure of a French beauty company ‘ Three new coffee-choc bars ‘ Why these friends love ‘Zumba’s Latin beat ‘ Which primer is right for you? ‘ ‘A scientific breakthrough that turns skin into blood ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ Strawberry Shortcake: She’s baaack! ‘ Married men may be nicer than single men

Look Great

30   Pilates with Tanya Kim The celebrity TV anchor shares six favourite moves you can do at home. Plus, the keys to her success.
34    Paradise, Home and Away Two simply dreamy spas.
36    Eye Performers Puffiness, dark circles or wrinkles? We’ve got the ‘eye cream that’s just right for you.
40    Spring Jacket Roundup Our picks for the season’s prettiest choices.
42    Staff-Tested Aromatherapy We tried a variety of products.
46    Help Me, Rhonda! Our Beauty Editor answers your questions. ‘This issue: How can I find the perfect lipstick shade for me?
48    Beauty Bar Products for hair, makeup and skin care.
50    Global Beauty Secrets Women from around the world share their traditions for looking great.

Get Healthy

54    How Much Is Too Much? Alcohol is good for us, but when does it become harmful? Writer Kim Pittaway investigates.
57    Sole Mates The best remedies for soothing the sting of athlete’s foot.
60   ‘My Best Friend Saved My Life’ Two women share their story ‘of the ultimate gift between friends.
62   His Health Does he have hearing trouble? Tips to help him prevent ‘further loss.  
64    Long Live Your Brain! Seven ways you can keep your mind sharp.
68    What Works, What Doesn’t Answers to everyday health questions.
71    The Truth About Phthalates We reveal the latest research on these chemicals found in many everyday products.

Eat Well

78     Caps Off to Mushrooms! They’ve got lots of health benefits, including boosting immunity. And try our recipe ideas, too.
80    Nine Foods that Hydrate Top up your water intake with these choices.
83    Quick Fixes Healthy suppers you can make in about 30 minutes.
86    Are Fortified Foods for You? Experts weigh in on the value of foods that contain added nutrients.
91    In Praise of the Family Meal Registered dietitian Sue Mah shares why eating together makes for happy, healthy parents and kids.
92    Simply Delicious Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s easy entrées are perfect for lunch or dinner.
96    Community Kitchen One reader shares her zucchini loaf recipe.
97    Boost Your Fibre Try these four grocery store swaps.
98    Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants We highlight three across the country.
100    Portion Checker What should one serving of pasta really look like?

Embrace Life

104   Fly Without Fear Here’s some practical advice for anyone who is afraid to travel by air.
106   Rekindling Desire What a sex workshop taught writer Patricia Pearson.
108    Helping Friends Cope Job loss, death, divorce: What’s the best way to console someone in need?
110    Just Say ‘Thanks!’ How to accept (and give) compliments graciously.
112    ‘Severe Anxiety Ruled My Life’ How one woman found a way back from complex post-traumatic stress disorder.
118    Best Health Minute Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
120    My Healthy Life How a registered dietitian achieves balance in her life.