Best Health Magazine: March/April 2010

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Best Health Magazine: March/April 2010

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New & Now

Why grains are even better than you thought ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ” Coming soon: Medication to boost women’s sex drive ‘ VOC-free paints ‘ How to teach kids emergency ‘numbers ‘ A cancer-fighting smoothie ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ When to get a vitamin D test ‘ Keep your spices organized ‘ Are we eating enough of the right foods? ” Tailor-made choices in multivitamins ‘ Staff-tested: Snack spreads ‘ What is ‘third-hand smoke’? ‘ Behind the scenes at a French beauty company ‘ Book and DVD picks’ Why gum is good for you ‘ The latest research on family health ‘ How playing indoor soccer changed this woman’s life ‘ Organic pancakes in a can ” Does your dog need a vaccine?

Look Great

38 Walk Right This Way
Walking techniques to maximize toning.
42 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
45 Workout Wear Goes Eco-Friendly
From bamboo to organic cotton, the pros (and cons) of the new generation of fabrics.
51 BH Science of Beauty
The A-Team How vitamin A creams, or ‘retinoids, help erase wrinkles.
56 Paradise, Home and Away
Dreamy spas in Quebec and Thailand.
58 The Future Is Here
The latest beauty boosts are in chocolates,marshmallows, drinks…and even socks.
60 Staff-Tested Nail Polish
We find out which ones perform.
63 Help Me, Rhonda!
How much should you tip your hairstylist?
64 Grin and Bear ‘Em
What braces, veneers and crowns can do for your smile. (Plus, the latest in oral care products.)
70 The Beauty of Fair Trade
If you want to make a more ethical choice with cosmetic purchases, here’s how.

Get Healthy

74 BH Essential Stroke of Luck
This Montreal woman suffered a stroke as a young woman’and her life changed for the better.
78 What Works, What Doesn’t
Answers to common health questions.
80 Foods As Medicine
Can nutraceuticals provide relief from, or even prevent, common illnesses?
85 Soothe Your Eyes
We checked out the drugstore choices for you.
88 ‘The Best Health Advice I Ever Got’
Canadians singers, authors and health leaders share their favourite tips.
91 Ultimate At-Home Boot Camp
We designed an interval training program that will burn tons of calories’fast!
99 Girlfriend’s Guide: When Menopause Comes Early
For some women, periods stop long before expected. Plus: Menopause 101.
104 Male Call
How to help him’and you’live longer and healthier.

Eat Well

108 Nuts: Small but Mighty
Here are creative and delicious ways to get more antioxidant-packed tree nuts into your meals.
110 How to Start a Cooking Club
A dietitian shares tips and recipes.
115 The Truth About Milk
Does it really do a body good?
117 The Spice of Life
Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s flavourful and creative recipes are so easy to make.
120 Trim the Fat
Lower-fat grocery store food swaps.
122 Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants
We highlight four across the country.
124 The Birth of a Food Product
How Canada’s biggest supermarket chain develops its store-brand foods.
129 Community Kitchen
Two readers’ favourite recipes.
131 Quick Fixes
Healthy dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
134 The 100-Year-Old Diet
Humour writer Patricia Pearson cooks and eats only 19th-century recipes for one week.

Embrace Life

138 BH Inspiration: Thank U, India
A Calgary woman raised money for an orphanage and went to India to deliver it’which changed her life.
143 ‘How Meditation Helped Us’
Our writer and her husband try it out.
148 When Sex Isn’t Simple
Four of the most common sexual dysfunctions, plus your best treatment options.
150 Ask A Sex Therapist
Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers the question ‘What is tantric sex, and how do we do it?’
155 Fixing Family Feuds
Rona Maynard shares how she healed her relationship with her sister, and offers advice for how to patch things up.
158 ‘Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
160 My Healthy Life
Insights from fitness trainer Geoff Bagshaw.

8 Editor’s Note
12 Community Centre
14 Web Editor’s Note
16 Letters
159 Shopping Guide

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