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Source: Best Health Magazine, January/February 2012

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Swap & Drop
Lose weight while still eating the foods you love. Find out how simple swaps can make a real difference in your diet.

Make 2012 your best year yet
Learn how to follow through on your resolutions, increase your energy, stress less and sleep more. Visit for everything you’ll need to start the year off right.

Sexy fitness
From belly dancing to pole dancing, you can make your workouts more fun by getting in touch with your sensual side. For inspiration, check out our gallery of the sexiest workouts at

New & Now

What you can do now to prevent heart disease later ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ A cross-country skiing wardrobe ‘ Swap & Drop Food Court: Tim Hortons ‘ Our book and DVD picks ‘ A look behind the label of OPI ‘ Staff-tested juices ‘ Food-prep safety ‘ A new test for detecting skin cancer quickly ‘ Winter pet care tips ‘ Three cool freebies ‘ Why you should do a skin patch test with hair dyes ‘ A ruby-hued smoothie ‘ Are men the new sex objects? ‘ The new earbuds for workouts ‘ The latest studies on family health ‘ These two women make the most of winter

Look Great

30 Resolve To: Get Stronger Too busy to work out? Fitting it in is easier with our 10-minute strength-training workout.
BONUS: Find out the five most important reasons to work out this year.
32 Sweet Elixirs Why you may want to try plant-based essential oils on your skin. Plus, a selection of products to try.
BONUS: Try these three DIY facials.
34 Beauty Bar Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
36 Natural Selection From mainstream to niche brands, we pulled together 66 eco-conscious beauty products.
BONUS: Find out how to make your own eco-friendly scrubs and bath products.
BONUS: For more information on parabens, petrolatum, sulfates and organic cosmetics visit
44 Laser Quest Non-invasive high-tech treatments can help treat stretch marks, acne, scars, birthmarks, rosacea and more.
48 Staff-Tested We asked our guys to stand in for us this issue and try men’s grooming products.
50 Paradise, Home and Away Two simply dreamy spas.

Get Healthy

54 Resolve To: Keep Weight Off Our all-Canadian Swap & Drop Diet book is hot off the presses and could be your weight-loss answer.
BONUS: Check out Swap & Drop Diet in the Best Health bookstore at
56 Lace ‘Em Up! Now’s the time to hit outdoor rinks, and frozen lakes and ponds to glide your way fit.
BONUS: Find out seven reasons why you should exercise outdoors this winter.
60 The Particles That Can Save Your Life How nanotechnology is making a difference in diagnosing, treating and preventing breast cancer.
BONUS: Find out about the five deadliest cancers for women.
63 Sleep On It Tossing and turning? These over-the-counter remedies can help you get the rest you need.
BONUS: Try these six tips for a good night’s sleep.
66 Girlfriend’s Guide: Regrets, I Have a Few Will the bad habits from your youth come back to haunt you later?
BONUS: Learn about the healthy habits that can help keep you young.
69  The Truth About Vitamin C This antioxidant can help fight disease, and so much more.
BONUS: Find out which foods are highest in vitamin C.
71 Best Health For Men Is he overweight? Here’s how you can help.

Eat Well

74 Exotic Fruits With strange names and interesting shapes, these ‘nutrition-packed fruits can add new life to meals.
BONUS: Discover 10 more of the world’s weirdest fruit and vegetables.
77 Quick Fixes Good-for-you suppers you can make in about 30 minutes.
BONUS: Visit our recipes section for more quick and healthy meal ideas.
80 Resolve To: Snack Smarter Do you crave salty, sweet, crunchy or creamy? Here are 24 healthy snacks to satisfy your needs.
BONUS: Trying to snack smarter? We’ve got five ways to end food cravings.
82 Winter Grilling These five easy recipes mean you won’t have to leave the warmth of your kitchen to savour that summer flavour.
BONUS: Check out our recipes for more healthy grilling recipes.
86 Dynamic Duos A registered dietitian rounds up healthy foods that pack an even bigger nutritional punch when paired up.
BONUS: Find out how to stock your pantry with superfoods on a budget.
88 Portion Checker How many calories and grams of fat are in those ‘breakfast sandwich breads?
BONUS: Check out our gallery of five healthy bread recipes.
90 Today’s Catch Delicious recipes from fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein, plus a crowd-pleasing dessert.
BONUS: Find out why you should eat more fish.

Embrace Life

98 Resolve To: Get Better Sleep One woman writes about her night in ‘a sleep lab’and finally discovers why she hasn’t been getting proper rest.
BONUS: Check out five ways to stop snoring.
101 Secrets of a Strong Marriage Rona Maynard explains why having ‘different interests can be the key to marital bliss.
BONUS: Find out what readers think is key to a healthy relationship.
104 Get Fit for Less Five ways you can save money while shaping up.
BONUS: Take our quiz to find your fitness personality.
106 Ask a Sex and Relationships Therapist ‘My husband won’t add me as a Facebook friend. Should I be worried?’
108 Europe Bound The Continent can be affordable, and a great experience for the whole family’if you live like a local. Here’s how.
BONUS: Find out how to stay healthy while travelling.
113 Ranting in the New Year Patricia Pearson’s thoughts on resolutions.
BONUS: Read about the four reasons your resolutions fail’and how to stick to them this year.
118 Best Health Minute Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
120 My Healthy Life A fitness buff lets us in on her healthy habits.