Best Health Magazine: January/February 2011

Here’s what you’ll find inside the January/February 2011 issue of Best Health

Best Health Magazine: January/February 2011

Source: Best Health Magazine, January/February 2011

New & Now

The latest news on BPA ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ This beauty company supports female scientists ‘ A healthy tropical smoothie ‘ Our roundup of toning sneakers ‘ Are you too sick to work? ‘ Can a pill stop grey hair? ‘ An innovative cutting board ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ Book and DVD picks ‘ Which flavour of gum is best when you quit smoking? ‘ Three new grocery products to boost omega-3s ‘ Your ‘sexting’ dictionary ‘ New research to fight malaria ‘ A surprisingly healthy fat ‘ New vitamin D guidelines ‘ How to tell if your pet is ill ‘ These friends love to derby ‘ Latest studies on family health

Look Great

28    A Whole-Life Makeover, Part Four Our Vichy Best Health Challenge winner has met her goals, with a new body, look’and attitude.
34    Beauty Bar Products for hair, makeup and skin care.
40    Help Me, Rhonda! Our Beauty Editor answers your questions. This issue: Are ‘Brazilian-style’ hair-straightening treatments safe?
42    Staff-Tested Foundations We found out which ones performed well.
44    Paradise, Home and Away Two simply dreamy spas.
47    What’s Behind the High Cost of Glasses? If you need new specs, here’s what you should know before you buy.
50    Find the Right Style of Glasses Regardless of the shape of your face or the colour of your hair, here’s help in choosing frames.

Get Healthy

54    Joannie Rochette This Olympian, through her ‘IHeartMom’ campaign, seeks to raise awareness about heart health for Canadian women.
58    My Resolution for 2011: ‘I Want to Run a 10K Race’ A reader gets practical advice from the experts to help her reach her goal.
60    Banish Stubborn Fat Target your trouble spots, including arms, hips, thighs and tummy, with this home workout.
64    What Works, What Doesn’t Answers to everyday health questions.
65    Migraines Can Be Managed The latest treatments can help sufferers get some relief.
70    What is Gyrotonic? One woman shares how this exercise, developed by a dancer, helped improve her posture.

Eat Well

80    Rubylicious! Cranberries and pomegranates are loaded with anti-oxidants. Here are great ways to add them to meals.
82    Quick Fixes Healthy suppers you can make in less than 30 minutes.
86    Food Trends for 2011 Registered dietitian Sue Mah dishes on what will be making headlines this year.
88    Portion Checker Are you getting enough fruit and veggies? Here’s what one serving really looks like for a variety of items.
94    Veggies for Breakfast? Yes! Three Canadian celebrity chefs share their good-morning recipes.
96    My Resolution for 2011: ‘I Want to Eat Better’ A reader gets step-by-step advice from a registered dietitian to help her meet her goal.
98    Shake the Salt Try these four grocery store swaps.
100    Lightened-Up Classics Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s recipes for comfort foods with a healthier twist.

Embrace Life

106    Five Active-Holiday Ideas These Canadian spots make great winter getaways for families, couples or ‘just the girls.’
110    Lessons from Mom Her mother’s dementia ended up changing this woman’s life for the better.
114    My Resolution for 2011: ‘I Want More Passion’ A reader gets a plan from a relationships therapist to put the heat back into her marriage.
116    New on the Job? Here’s How to Fit In This sage advice will help you survive and thrive.
119    Best Health Minute Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
120    My Healthy Life How Canadian chef Laura Calder embraces life.