Best Health Magazine: January/February 2010

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Best Health Magazine: January/February 2010

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New & Now

Why Mondays can blow your diet ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ A bone-strengthening smoothie ‘ On the horizon: A vaccine for UTIs ‘ How young boys and girls feel about their bodies ‘ Staff test: Do ‘green’ laundry detergents work? ‘ Our book picks ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ The latest research on family health ‘ This couple has discovered hot yoga ‘ Can playing video games be good for kids? ‘ New trend in blush ‘ A skiing and snowboarding mini-wardrobe ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ New research on high blood pressure and memory ‘ Deciphering pet-food labels ‘ How busy families can stay organized ‘ Why you should be doing regular self-exams ‘down there’ ‘ Portable fruity snacks

Look Great

28 Train Like a Champion
Six exercises, demonstrated by Olympic snowboarder Alexa Loo.
34 Behind the Scenes
Our beauty editor, Rhonda Rovan, shares the ‘glamour’ of an awards gala.
36 BH Science of Beauty
Rosacea can be tough to deal with, but treatments and products can help with flare-ups. 
38 Staff-Tested: Intense Moisturizers
We tried a few for you.
39 Winter-Proof Boots
Keep feet warm and dry with our cozy picks.
40 Paradise, Home and Away
Two positively dreamy spas.
42 21 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful
Our roundup of proven tips.
44 Skin Care, from Concentrate
Are these products from the dermatologist’s office for you?
46 Girlfriend’s Guide: The Brazilian Wax
Is it safe?
48 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, hair, fragrance and skincare picks.

Get Healthy

52 Our Girls of Winter
The Mentor, the Hot-Dogger and the Speed Demon: Meet three of Canada’s leading ladies of winter sport.
58 A Heart-Smart Grocery Shopping List
Clip and save it.
61 Cough Medicine
How effective is it?
64 BH Quiz: What’s Your Fitness Personality?
Find out what exercises are best for you (plus, tips to help you stay motivated).
68 Male Call
Does the idea of going to the dentist freak him out? Try these strategies to help your partner cope.
70 Inside Canada’s Only Milk Bank
This B.C. hospital’s program is making a difference for new moms across the country.

Eat Well

88 Savour Hardy Roots
These winter vegetables are full of nutrients. Here are some fresh ideas for getting more of them into your meals.
90 Shake the Salt!
Why it’s important to keep an eye on it’plus, healthier grocery store choices.
92 Burn, Baby, Burn
New research shows some spicy foods have amazing health benefits. Here are three recipes to turn up the heat.
94 The Weight-Loss Diaries
Three women share the strategies that finally worked for them.
98 Quick Fixes
Healthy dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
102 Community Kitchen
Two readers’ favourite recipes.
104 Warm and Inviting
Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s nutritious comfort-food menu for dinner at home­ with friends’or just for two.

Embrace Life

110 The Power of Routines
Why they’re so good for families.
116 Your 2010 Lovescope
It’s his star sign: What can you expect from your lover when it comes to relationships? 
119 Pillow Talk
A guide to the choices on the market.
120 BH Inspiration: Winnipeg’s Fab Four
This women’s curling team is number one in the world, but success didn’t come without sacrifice.
122 Ask A Sex Therapist
Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers the question, ‘If we fight is my marriage in trouble?’
124 Take Our Stress Test
Find out if you’re at risk for illness.
125 Can ‘Healing Hands’ Heal?
Writer Patricia Pearson visits a reiki practitioner.
127 Bonnie’s Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of top tips.
128 My Healthy Life
Olympic trainer Lucinda Jagger.

6 Editor’s Note
8 Community Centre
10 Web Editor’s Note
12 Letters
118 Shopping Guide