Surprising Benefits of Having Anxiety

Three ways to let your stress become your strength.

Benefits of AnxietyPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Yes, there are benefits of anxiety.

Psychologist Alicia H. Clark explains how we can use our worries to change things for the better in her novel, Hack Your Anxiety ($23). Here are three benefits of anxiety:

#1: It can motivate you

Sure, anxiety can lead to burnout if you let yourself run the same worrying loop day in and day out, but when you listen to your anxiety, it can be an invitation to do something new. Always stressed about deadlines at work? Your anxiety can inspire you to come up with new processes that will help you stay ahead. Learn how to manage your anxiety triggers.

#2: It can help you find your focus

Clark uses the example of driving during a storm to illustrate how worry compels you to direct all your attention on what matters. In a world where our attention is torn between so many responsibilities and distractions, inciting that laser focus is key. A little bit of anxiety can let you know what to prioritize on your growing to-do list.

#3: It can bring you closer in your relationships

“Anxiety won’t allow us to ignore those we care about,” explains Clark, “and it keeps us attuned to their needs, as well as our own.” When your relationship feels threatened, your worries can propel you to find out how to become closer with that person again. Next, find out why a jigsaw puzzle could be the best antidote for your anxiety.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada