Beauty trend: Fragrance-free

I had a nice break last week in Muskoka with my family (husband and two teenage boys). It began with


I had a nice break last week in Muskoka with my family (husband and two teenage boys). It began with a jaw-dropping surprise view of a family of deer in the forest alongside the country road that took us into the place we were staying at.

As for the other world of beauty, as usual, I was determined to bring only nonscented products. I have this unscientifically proven theory that I’ll be of less interest to the insects that way.  So, I was armed with a few favourite things like: Dermaglow Foaming Cleanser; Spectro HydraCare Dry Skin facial moisturizer; NeoStrata Daytime Moisture Infusion Cream SPF 15 and Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion. I could have brought more, like Avène products, but I was in rather cozy quarters with several members of the male species (see above) and besides, less is more when you’re in the canoe and lake all day.

What struck me is how easy it is to find nonscented products now in the drugstore. I wouldn’t have said that a few years ago. Sometimes, one is under the impression that everything is fragranced, but it’s just not the case. (Hair products, admittedly, are a different story; harder to find nonscented, at least that’s my impression.)

I still managed to get an intriguing selection of insect bites.

How about you’are you able to find fragrance-free products more easily these days?

P.S. As vigilant as I am about sunscreen, I got burned’on the way home. We were an hour outside Toronto when my husband noticed that my left arm was the colour of a tomato. (I would have said a YSL lipstick, but am quibbling.) How?
the rays pounded down on me in the passenger seat through the sun roof of the car. Unable to unpack a towel or sunscreen, I ended up covering myself with a newspaper until we got home.

Now, there’s a look.

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