The Better Supplement for Ageless Beauty

Why Canadians are revolutionizing their beauty routine with earth’s little secret.

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To start: Meet the not-so-secret ingredient

Have you heard of marine phytoplankton? This microscopic plant has been around for billions of years (2.5 billion, to be exact). It’s the foundation of oceanic life, a primary producer of nutrition in the food chain, responsible for 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe, outputs powerful antioxidants, and plays a critical role in the planet’s carbon cycle. It took 15 years of R&D – including 90,000 research reports and 1,300 clinical trials—but that powerful plant is available in one small daily pill, and here to help Canadians harness their youth.

But first: A bit more about the science

One of the biggest culprits in aging is oxidative stress – a process akin to a car rusting from the inside out. Stress, inflammation, pollutants and unhealthy dietary choices are among the millions of triggers that contribute to our body’s oxidative stress. Of course, we all know that antioxidants can help, but here’s what you don’t know:  Superoxide dismutases (SODs) are the strongest enzyme against oxidative stress – and phytoplankton has more SODs than any other source out there. What’s more? Its bioavailability makes it easy for the body to absorb.

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And now: The perfect little capsule.

The world’s number-one phytoplankton brand is based here in Canada. The revolutionary plant-based supplement, Karen Ageless, is not only among the greatest sources of this “magic” ingredient on the market, it’s also rich in vitamin C and supporting antioxidants. And if inquiring minds want to know, it’s vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

But that’s not all! Karen Ageless also….

Karen Ageless does more than fight aging. It aids in energy production, weight management, physical recovery, acne reduction and collagen production. It’s good for clear skin and glossy hair, promotes tooth and gum health, strengthens bones and boosts the immune system. These benefits aren’t only backed by researchers, but independent reviewers, too!

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What now? How to get your hands on it

Have Karen Ageless delivered right to your door! Subscribe today, and have a month’s worth of doses delivered every 30 days. Who knew ageless beauty could be so easy?