Are you a clutterbug?

Is clutter taking over your home?

Are you a clutterbug?

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Is it time for you to regain order in your home? The Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) has compiled this clutter quiz. It’s not a pass/fail quiz, but it should get you thinking about your clutter.

According to the POC, if you have too many “yes” answers, you may want to book some time for a major clean-up, contact an organizer, read up on organizing tips, or take a hard look at the reasons for your mounting clutter.

1. Do you get frustrated daily because you can’t find things?
2. Do you regularly misplace your keys, glasses or wallet?
3. Does it take you as long to find a tool as it does to do the job?
4. Is your garage used for storage instead of for your car?
5. Are you embarrassed to let others see inside your home?
6. When guests arrive unexpectedly, do you run around closing doors?
7. Has it been a while since you’ve seen the floor of your storage areas?
8. Have you lost count of how many junk drawers you have?
10. Do you feel obligated to keep family “heirlooms” that you never use and don’t love?
11. Do things fall out of cupboards and closets when you open them?
12. Have you kept every piece of artwork and homework that your kids have ever done?
13. Do you buy things and then discover you already have them?
14. Do you have a growing mountain of unopened mail and newspapers?
15. Do you consistently argue with your spouse or kids because of the piles of belongings littering your home?

You can find a professional organizer near you through the Professional Organizers in Canada.

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