Are DIY Beauty Recipes Safe for Skin?

Browsing Pinterest, you’re guaranteed to come across a few DIY beauty and skincare recipes. But is at-home beauty sanitary, and more importantly, safe? Here’s what to know

Are DIY Beauty Recipes Safe for Skin?

Source: Best Health magazine, October 2015

Pinterest and beauty blogs are awash with DIY tutorials and recipes for at-home skincare solutions because many people are interested in creating their own products. If you want to play mixologist, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, bacteria can grow in homemade products. According to Jennifer Hirsch, beauty botanist for The Body Shop, a homemade concoction should be treated as a one-time-use product and not stored for future use. (Even keeping a jar of a DIY clay mask in the fridge won’t guarantee that it will remain sanitary.)

In terms of efficacy, a homemade body lotion can do the trick, but you won’t be able to treat serious skin issues with DIY concoctions, says Dr. Ashley James, a naturopathic doctor at Bay Dermatology Centre in Toronto.

‘If you want to up your skincare game and address concerns like aging, you won’t be able to replicate that in the kitchen.’ You can supplement your regimen with homemade lotions, washes or scrubs ‘ if you’re interested in experimenting ‘ but sticking to professionally made products is always best to meet the bulk of your skincare needs. Click here for our Plant-Based Beauty recommendations.