How to Air Fry Your Favourite Foods

Want to know how to fry your favourite foods in the healthiest way possible? We've got the lowdown.

An air fryer is an appliance that basically deep fries food with just hot air and a tiny amount of oil—making it a healthier way to enjoy your favourite fried foods.

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Our Favourite Air Fryers

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Do you want an air fryer but feel like you have too many kitchen gadgets? Same. That’s why we love the ToastWave by Galanz. It’s a sleek four-in-one appliance (a convection oven! microwave! toaster! air fryer!) you’ll want to keep on your counter for convenience, since you’re sure to be using it all the time. Use it to make healthier versions of all your favourite comfort foods, from French fries to pizza.

Galanz ToastWave, $500,

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Looking for a cost-effective option? Try the Ultrean Air Fryer, which is a top-seller on Amazon. Although it’s called a fryer, it can also be used to quickly bake, grill, and roast some of your favourite foods.

Ultrean Air Fryer, $130,

Air-Fryer Cooking Chart

Ready to get started? We’ve decoded how long to fry the most popular foods in your trusty air fryer.

Air-Fryer Time 
Bacon 400°F 5-10 minutes
Burgers 350°F 8-10 minutes
Meatballs 400°F 7-10 minutes
Steak 400°F 7-14 minutes
Pork Chops 375°F 12-15 minutes
Chicken Breast 375°F 22-23 minutes
Chicken Thighs 400°F 25 minutes
Chicken Tenders 400°F 14-16 minutes
Chicken Wings 375°F 10-12 minutes
Shrimp 375°F 8 minutes
Salmon 400°F 5-7 minutes
Cauliflower 400°F 10-12 minutes
Zucchini 400°F 12 minutes
Pickles 400°F 14-20 minutes
Potato Chips 360°F 15-17 minutes
Potato Fries 400°F 10-20 minutes
Brussels Sprouts 350°F 15-18 minutes
Pasta (Tortellini, Ravioli) 350°F 8 minutes

The tricky thing will air-fryers is that their temperatures can vary a bit. That’s why we give a time range on most of these foods. When cooking seafood and meat, it doesn’t hurt to check with a meat thermometer just to be on the safe side until you get to know your air fryer’s temperatures down pat.

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Air-Fryer Tips

First and foremost, most of these foods will need to be flipped over half-way through cooking time. Since air fryers cook by rushing hot air down onto the food, flipping will fry the food evenly and will prevent overcooking or burning. There are exceptions for a few recipes, but many foods follow this half-way mark rule.

Another air-fryer tip we recommend is to always fry your foods in a single layer in the air-fryer basket—which will allow the food to cook perfectly even and crispy. So, if you’re air-frying large quantities or large food items, we recommend prepping the food in batches for a speedy cook time.

Lastly, don’t forget to preheat! This is one of the most common air-fryer mistakes that many people fall victim to. It takes only a few minutes and will save your food majorly in the long run.

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