9 signs you have restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome can be experienced in varying degrees, from mild to severe. Here’s what to look for

9 signs you have restless legs syndrome

‘ When you sit down, do you have a strong desire to move your legs?

‘ Does your desire to move your legs feel impossible to resist?

‘ Have you ever used the words unpleasant, creepy crawly, creeping, itching, pulling or tugging to describe your symptoms to others?

‘ Does your desire to move often occur when you are resting or sitting still?

‘ Does moving your legs make you feel better?

‘ Do you complain of these symptoms more at night?

‘ Do you keep your bed partner awake with the jerking movements of your legs?

‘ Do you ever have involuntary leg movements while you are awake?

‘ Are you tired or unable to concentrate during the day?

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