6 healthier creamy snack ideas

Craving something rich? Indulge in one of these healthier snacks, and you won’t feel guilty for enjoying yourself

6 healthier creamy snack ideas

Source: Best Health Magazine, January/February 2012

For those days when you just want a whipped-cream-drenched treat, a bowl of ice cream or a velvety dip, these healthy snacks taste rich and smooth.

1. Mash canned white beans with olive oil and some chopped fresh rosemary. ‘Pile onto radicchio or lettuce leaves.

2. Microwave a small sweet potato, split it open and mash a little OJ into it. Eat it right out of the jacket.

3. Spread baba ghanouj, crushed avocado or hummus on a whole-wheat pita or an English muffin.

4. Baby red potatoes become blissfully soft when you microwave them for three to five minutes (leave the skin on for nutrients). Sprinkle with pepper and dried seasonings, and pop them in your mouth.

5. Treat yourself to the most sublimely simple protein-packed treat: a soft-scrambled egg.

6. Raid the supermarket antipasto bar for some lusciously creamy slow-roasted red peppers. Pat the oil off with a paper towel and eat with a mini bocconcini or two. Delicioso!

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