5 tips to survive the last 5 weeks of winter

The official start of spring is a mere five weeks away. But as we continue to endure a lack of


The official start of spring is a mere five weeks away. But as we continue to endure a lack of sunshine, early night falls, minus 20 degree temperatures, and the white stuff, five weeks can feel like a lifetime! Here are a few ways to beat the winter blues ‘ for the last five weeks of winter and every winter to come.

1. Embrace it

Bundle up, embrace it and get out there! It might be cold out there but we Canadians are tough! Before you know it, we’ll be enduring the heat and humidity so find a way to enjoy the rest of winter. See the beauty of the snow ‘ it’s breathtaking to see the sunlight dance on freshly fallen snow as it crunches under your feet. Catch a snowflake on your tongue. Go tobogganing. Or use the last five weeks of winter to finally try a winter sport that’s always appealed to you, such as skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or skating.

2. Get Active

Even if it really is too cold out to go for a short walk, or the weather prevents you from getting to the gym, there are no excuses for not being active at home. This is the era of fitness anywhere. Evolve Functional Fitness is a mobile app that walks you through exercise and power cardio sessions using only your own bodyweight for resistance. Goodbye excuses! For only $7.99 a month it’s an inexpensive way to keep active and beat those winter blues, with the added bonus of starting spring in better shape.

3. Get Social

Make plans with a friend, your partner, your kids or anyone you enjoy spending time with. Time with the people you enjoy helps to lift your spirits and keeps the blues away. For an added bonus ‘ do something active together. Take a class, go for a walk, build a snowman, skate, or anything that gets your heart rate up, and a smile on your face!

4. Combat Cravings

During the winter our bodies crave comfort food but, trust me, most foods you crave will put you into an even worse winter slump. For your afternoon pick me up, try a smoothie. They can be made with your favorite fruits and vegetables so the possible tastes and textures are endless. Adding a scoop of Transform+ by Genuine provides you with key phytonutrients and antioxidants with the added benefits of muscle building protein. You’ll get out of your afternoon slump, feeling great without any indulgence guilt.

5. Herbal Helper

If the first four suggestions still find you feeling tired and overwhelmed, and counting the seconds until winter ends, try completely natural Neurapas Balance by Pascoe. It helps provide a healthy, balanced mood from the combination of St. John’s Wort, passionflower and valerian root. This product’s formula can help treat your symptoms of burnout and stress, all naturally! Available at most health food stores (around $34.00 for 60 tabs).

Winter will end; no doubt about it, but those last five weeks can seem endless. Give these strategies a try and see how much better you feel, and look! You might be surprised by the results you get. And spring will (hopefully) be here sooner than we think!

Brent Bishop is a fitness expert and celebrity trainer. He is the owner of Think Fitness Studios in Toronto, and author of The Think Factor.
For more fitness news follow Brent on Twitter: @i_ambishop